Top 5 Music Distribution Services for Independent & Emerging Artists in 2023


In the digital age, independent musicians have numerous options to distribute their music globally. This article provides a detailed comparison of five popular music distribution services: Tunecore, Distrokid, Ditto Music, LANDR, and CD Baby. By examining their unique features, pricing models, and value-added services, musicians can make an informed decision about the most suitable distribution platform for their needs.

1: Tunecore

Tunecore stands as one of the pioneers in the music distribution industry since its establishment in 2006. With a simple and transparent business model, artists retain 100% of their royalties by paying an annual fee. Alongside distribution to over 150 digital stores, Tunecore offers comprehensive sales data and value-added services such as social media promotion and music publishing administration. Pricing starts at $29.99 for the first year and $49.99 for subsequent years for a full album, with additional options for singles and ringtones.

2: Distrokid

Distrokid prides itself on its unrivalled speed in getting artists' music onto digital download and streaming platforms. Artists pay an annual fee to distribute unlimited songs and receive 100% of their royalties on a monthly basis. Distrokid also facilitates earning "splits" to share royalties, legal distribution of cover songs, and advanced music sales administration features. Additionally, Distrokid offers value-added services and highlights its unlimited data backups. Pricing starts at $19.99 per year for a single artist, with various plans catering to multiple artists.

3: Ditto Music

Ditto Music offers unlimited music distribution to over a hundred digital stores, allowing artists to retain 100% of their royalties for an annual fee. Alongside distribution, Ditto Music provides pre-release and promotional tools, streaming and sales data reporting, free ISRC and UPC codes, and chart registration. Pricing options include a $19 yearly plan for one artist and higher-tier packages accommodating multiple artists and additional features.


While primarily known for its audio mastering software, LANDR also offers digital music distribution services. Leveraging AI-powered audio mastering technology, LANDR ensures a professional finish for artists' tracks. Once the production process is complete, artists can seamlessly proceed with digital distribution, retaining 100% of their earnings and creative control. LANDR provides promotional tools and free sample packs. Pricing is divided between audio mastering and release, with packages starting at $4 per month for mastering and release, and $1 per month for digital distribution only.

5: CD Baby

CD Baby distinguishes itself with a vast network of over 150 stores and partners, offering a comprehensive suite of features. Artists pay for each uploaded single or album and receive 100% of their royalties on a weekly basis. CD Baby provides digital distribution, streaming, and physical distribution via CDs and vinyl. Additionally, the platform offers cover song licensing, reporting and analytics tools, professional publishing administration, and social video monetization. CD Baby also integrates marketing tools under its brand. Pricing starts at $9.95 per single and $49 per album, with higher-tier options for additional features.

Conclusion: Choosing the right music distribution service is crucial for independent artists seeking global exposure and fair compensation for their work. Each platform, including Tunecore, Distrokid, Ditto Music, LANDR, and CD Baby, offers unique features, pricing models, and value-added services. By considering their individual strengths and aligning them with specific needs and preferences, artists can make an informed decision to reach a broader audience and achieve their musical aspirations.