boAt Nirvana Ion ANC Review: 32dB ANC, 120H Playback, Sleek Design

boAt Nirvana Ion ANC

boAt, a renowned name in the audio industry, has unveiled its newest addition to the Nirvana Series of TWS earbuds - the boAt Nirvana Ion ANC

Succeeding the well-received Nirvana Ion model, this in-house designed and engineered TWS promises a perfect blend of comfort, cutting-edge technology, and superior sound quality. Let's dive into the details of this impressive audio gadget.

boAt Nirvana Ion ANC Specifications, Features:

Feature boAt Nirvana Ion ANC
Active Noise Cancellation Up to 32dB ANC
Design In-ear design for maximum comfort
Drivers 10mm drivers
Sound Technology boAt Signature Sound with Dual EQ modes
Battery Up to 120 hours playback
Charging ASAP Charge, Type-C charging support
Low Latency 60ms Low Latency
Connectivity Bluetooth v5.2, Multipoint connectivity
Call Quality ENx Tech for calling with 4 Mics
Water Resistance IPX4
Price Rs. 2,499

Design and Comfort:

The Nirvana Ion ANC boasts an in-ear design that prioritizes both style and comfort. Crafted for maximum ease of use, these earbuds ensure a snug fit for prolonged usage without compromising on comfort. The sleek and minimalistic design reflects boAt's commitment to aesthetics and functionality.

Design and Comfort

Sound Quality:

Equipped with 10mm drivers and boAt's Signature Sound technology, the Nirvana Ion ANC guarantees an immersive audio experience. 

The addition of two EQ modes, boAt Balanced and Signature Sound, allows users to tailor their listening experience to suit their preferences. 

The Crystal Bionic Sound by HIFI DSP 5 further enhances the audio quality, delivering a crisp and clear sound profile.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

One of the standout features of the Nirvana Ion ANC is its Active Noise Cancellation technology, capable of silencing distractions by an impressive 32dB.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

This ensures a serene listening environment, allowing users to immerse themselves fully in their music or calls. The quad-mic ENx Technology contributes to enhanced call quality, making communication a seamless experience.

Battery Life and Charging:

boAt understands the importance of uninterrupted usage, and the Nirvana Ion ANC reflects this with an astonishing total playtime of up to 120 hours.

 The 600mAh charging case ensures that your earbuds are always ready for use. The ASAP Charge feature and Type-C charging support provide convenience, allowing users to get back to their music or calls swiftly.

Latency and Connectivity:

For gamers and those who prioritize low latency, the Nirvana Ion ANC offers a Beast Mode with a 60ms low latency feature.

Latency and Connectivity

The Bluetooth v5.2 technology ensures stable and efficient connectivity. Multipoint connectivity adds versatility, enabling users to connect the earbuds to multiple devices seamlessly.

Additional Features:

The Nirvana Ion ANC is not just about sound; it also offers practical features like in-ear detection and IPX4 splash resistance. 

The ability to personalize the TWS with custom engraving on the case adds a touch of individuality for users who want to make the device uniquely theirs.

Compatibility and Warranty:

The Nirvana Ion ANC is compatible with the boAt Hearables app, allowing users to further customize their audio experience.

Compatibility and Warranty

boAt stands behind the quality of its product with a 1-year warranty, providing users with peace of mind and assurance.

boAt Nirvana Ion ANC Pros and Cons:

Impressive 32dB Active Noise Cancellation
Long total playtime of up to 120 hours
Dual EQ modes for customized sound
60ms low latency mode for gaming
boAt Signature Sound
Multipoint connectivity for versatility
Higher Price

Pricing and Availability:

The Nirvana Ion ANC comes in Quartz White and Crystal Black, catering to different aesthetic preferences. 

During its launch phase, the TWS is available at a special price of Rs. 2499. Interested buyers can find the product on Flipkart and

For a personal touch, users can opt for custom engraving on the case for an additional Rs. 99, allowing them to add a unique flair to their audio accessory.


In conclusion, the boAt Nirvana Ion ANC stands as a testament to boAt's commitment to delivering quality audio solutions. 

With its blend of comfort, cutting-edge technology, and customizable features, it caters to both audiophiles and casual users alike. 

Whether you're a music enthusiast, gamer, or someone who values clear communication, the Nirvana Ion ANC is a worthy contender in the competitive TWS market.


Q: What are the specifications of boAt Nirvana Ion ANC TWS?
The boAt Nirvana Ion ANC TWS boasts 32dB Active Noise Cancellation, 120 hours of total playback, 10mm drivers, dual EQ modes, in-ear detection, and IPX4 splash resistance.

Q: How does the in-ear detection feature of Nirvana Ion ANC benefit users?
In-ear detection enhances user experience by automatically pausing playback when the earbuds are removed, ensuring seamless transitions.

Q: How does the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) in Nirvana Ion ANC work?
The ANC technology in Nirvana Ion ANC reduces ambient noise by up to 32dB, providing an immersive audio experience by silencing external distractions.

Q: What is the significance of the dual EQ modes – boAt Balanced and Signature Sound?
The dual EQ modes allow users to customize their audio experience, choosing between the boAt Balanced mode for accuracy and the Signature Sound mode for a more personalized touch.

Q: How long does the battery last, and what is the charging time?
The Nirvana Ion ANC offers an impressive 120 hours of total playtime, and with ASAP Charge and Type-C support, users can quickly recharge for uninterrupted usage.

Q: Does Nirvana Ion ANC support low latency for gaming?
Yes, Nirvana Ion ANC features a Beast Mode with 60ms low latency, catering to gamers who prioritize minimal lag for a seamless gaming experience.

Q: Can I use Nirvana Ion ANC for calls, and how is the call quality?
Absolutely, the TWS is equipped with ENx Technology and quad-mic setup, ensuring enhanced call quality for clear and crisp communication.

Q: Is the boAt Hearables app compatible with Nirvana Ion ANC?
Yes, the TWS is compatible with the boAt Hearables app, offering users the ability to personalize and further enhance their audio experience.

Q: How can I purchase Nirvana Ion ANC, and what is the current pricing?
Nirvana Ion ANC is available on Flipkart and During the launch, it is offered at a special price of Rs. 2499.

Q: Can I customize my Nirvana Ion ANC earbuds?
Absolutely! You can add a personal touch with custom engraving on the case for just Rs. 99, making your TWS uniquely yours.

Q: Is the Nirvana Ion ANC suitable for fitness enthusiasts?
Yes, it is! With IPX4 splash resistance, these earbuds can handle your workouts, keeping the music going even during intense sessions.

Q: Can I connect the Nirvana Ion ANC to multiple devices simultaneously?
Yes, you can! The multipoint connectivity feature allows seamless connection to multiple devices, adding convenience to your daily activities.

Q: What Bluetooth version does the Nirvana Ion ANC use?
The earbuds feature Bluetooth v5.2, providing stable and efficient connectivity for a hassle-free user experience.

Q: Is the Nirvana Ion ANC covered by a warranty?
Yes, boAt offers a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy your TWS with confidence and peace of mind.