Reliance Jio Partners with IIT-B for Bharat GPT, Announces TV OS Launch

Jio Bharat GPT

  • Reliance Jio teams up with IIT Bombay for Bharat GPT, a language model tailored for India's needs.
  • Jio announces plans for a new TV Operating System, aiming to reshape the smart TV market.
  • Akash Ambani sees India as a key innovation hub, predicting a USD 6 trillion economy by the decade's end.

  • Reliance Jio has officially joined forces with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) to introduce the Bharat GPT programme. This initiative, announced by Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, aims to create a large language model specifically tailored to address the unique linguistic and cultural needs of the Indian market.

    Reliance Jio's Venture into AI:

    As the name suggests, Bharat GPT is poised to revolutionize the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in India. With a focus on catering to the diverse linguistic nuances of the country, this large language model is expected to be a game-changer in transforming various sectors. Akash Ambani emphasized the pivotal role of AI in reshaping Jio's products and services across media, commerce, communication, and devices.

    "We have been working on a project with IIT Bombay to launch a Bharat GPT programme," announced Ambani, shedding light on the collaborative efforts between Reliance Jio and the esteemed institute. The partnership reflects a strategic move towards harnessing the expertise of academia for practical applications in the tech industry.

    Ambani expressed Jio's commitment to integrating AI not only as a vertical within the organization but also horizontally across all sectors. This signals a comprehensive adoption of AI technologies, promising a transformative impact on the way Jio delivers its services.

    Jio's Foray into Television Operating Systems:

    In addition to the Bharat GPT initiative, Ambani revealed Jio's plans to launch its own Operating System (OS) for televisions. In a market currently dominated by the Android TV OS, the specifics of Jio OS remain undisclosed. It is unclear whether Jio OS will be a proprietary system or built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

    The move to venture into television OS aligns with Jio's overarching strategy to diversify its portfolio. With the proliferation of smart TVs, the development of a dedicated OS presents an opportunity for Jio to establish its presence in the rapidly evolving smart entertainment ecosystem.

    The Indian Innovation Hub - A $6 Trillion Economy Vision:

    Ambani exuded confidence in India's potential as the "biggest innovation center" for the next decade. Citing optimistic projections, he envisions India becoming a USD 6 trillion economy by the end of the decade. This vision underscores the pivotal role of technological advancements, including AI, in propelling India towards economic prosperity.

    The Future of Jio OS in the TV Market:

    While Android TV OS currently dominates the television OS market, Jio's entry into this space brings anticipation and curiosity. The proprietary nature of Jio OS, if confirmed, could introduce a fresh perspective to smart television interfaces. On the other hand, if built on AOSP, it would align with the open-source ethos while allowing Jio to tailor the OS to its specific requirements.

    The success of Jio OS will likely hinge on its user interface, app ecosystem, and integration capabilities. As the smart TV market evolves, Jio's entry provides an exciting narrative in the ongoing technological saga.


    The collaboration between Reliance Jio and IIT-B for the Bharat GPT programme and the announcement of Jio OS for televisions mark significant milestones in India's technological landscape. These initiatives not only showcase the commitment of industry leaders to harness the power of AI but also highlight the country's emergence as a technological powerhouse.

    As we eagerly await the rollout of Bharat GPT and Jio OS, the tech enthusiasts and the general public alike anticipate the transformative impact these innovations will bring to various facets of daily life. In the evolving narrative of India's tech horizon, these initiatives underscore the importance of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.