Google Pixel Watch 3 to Offer Two Size Options for Enhanced Comfort

Google Pixel Watch 3
Google is gearing up to launch the Pixel Watch 3, addressing the size concerns that some users had with its predecessor. The Pixel Watch 2, despite its stylish design and impressive features, faced criticism for being available only in a 41mm size, smaller than some competitors like Samsung's 47mm offerings.

Two Sizes for a Perfect Fit:

The upcoming Pixel Watch 3 is anticipated to be available in two sizes, offering users a choice to suit their wrist preferences. While the exact dimensions remain undisclosed, the larger option is expected to surpass the 41mm size of the Pixel Watch 2.

Enhanced Display, Battery, and Health Features:

With a larger casing, the Pixel Watch 3 could accommodate a more expansive display, potentially reaching 1.3 inches. This size upgrade opens doors for a bigger battery, promising improved battery life and the incorporation of additional health sensors. The larger version is set to feature 22mm bands, offering a more robust look compared to the current 20mm bands. Google aims to enhance the aesthetics by reducing the bezel around the screen.

Enhanced Display, Battery, and Health Features

Perfect for Bigger Wrists and Extended Use:

Designed with users in mind, the larger Pixel Watch 3 caters to those with bigger wrists or those seeking a longer-lasting battery. Although the Pixel Watch 2 already boasts a commendable 24-hour battery life with its always-on display, the larger model is expected to further elevate this aspect.

Launch Date and Technical Details:

The Pixel Watch 3 is slated for an early October launch, aligning with Google's established pattern of unveiling new products alongside the Pixel smartphone series. On the technological front, it is anticipated to retain the Snapdragon W5 chipset, consistent with the Pixel Watch 2, as no updates on a new Wear OS chipset have surfaced.


The dual-sizing approach by Google with the Pixel Watch 3 is a strategic move to address user concerns and enhance the overall smartwatch experience. With an expected launch in October, users can anticipate a sleek design, improved display, and extended battery life, making the Pixel Watch 3 a noteworthy contender in the smartwatch market.