Samsung Explores Car Crash Detection Feature for Galaxy S24 and Z Fold 5

Samsung eyeing Car Crash Detection
In a bid to enhance safety features for its users, Samsung appears to be exploring the integration of car crash detection technology into its Galaxy S24 and Z Fold 5 smartphones. While competitors like Apple and Google have long offered similar features, Samsung's Galaxy line has so far lacked this potentially life-saving functionality. However, recent discoveries suggest a shift in this trend.

Discovery of Car Crash Detection Feature:

Car crash detection utilizes a smartphone's built-in sensors, including accelerometers and microphones, to discern if the user has been involved in a vehicular accident. Once triggered, this feature can automatically initiate emergency calls or notify designated contacts, proving invaluable in scenarios where the individual is unable to seek help independently.

Samsung's Potential Integration:

Despite possessing the necessary hardware, Samsung has yet to implement car crash detection into its devices. However, recent findings indicate progress in this area. Android Police's Mishaal Rahman stumbled upon a sensor named "Car Crash Detect Wakeup" while examining the Tasker app on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and S24 Ultra phones. This sensor, likely a composite or virtual sensor, amalgamates data from physical sensors such as the gyroscope and accelerometer. Its purpose is to promptly relay potential car crash events to relevant applications, thus expediting response times.

Samsung's Potential Integration

Hidden App "MoccaMobile" Revealed:

Further investigation revealed a concealed application dubbed "MoccaMobile" within the One UI 6.1 build. This app contained code pertaining to the activation and deactivation of the car crash sensor. Interestingly, similar references were found in previous iterations of Samsung's One UI, indicating a sustained effort to refine this feature across multiple device generations.

Samsung Official Confirmation Pending:

Despite these compelling discoveries, Samsung has not officially confirmed plans to introduce car crash detection for the Galaxy S24 or Z Fold series. It is plausible that the feature is still undergoing rigorous testing or awaits a future software update. Consequently, only time will elucidate Samsung's definitive intentions regarding this potentially transformative addition.


The potential inclusion of car crash detection technology in Samsung's flagship smartphones represents a significant step towards bolstering user safety. While not yet confirmed by the company, recent findings suggest that Samsung is actively exploring this feature. Should it come to fruition, Galaxy S24 and Z Fold 5 users can anticipate enhanced peace of mind knowing that their devices may offer an additional layer of protection during unforeseen emergencies.

By adhering to principles of factual reporting and maintaining a neutral tone, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive overview of Samsung's potential venture into car crash detection technology.