Samsung's Debut Gaming Center Controller Revealed at CES 2024

samsung game controller
Samsung Electronics is set to make waves in the gaming accessory market with its latest venture, the "Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub" program. This initiative aims to collaborate with gaming accessory manufacturers to craft products specifically tailored for Samsung devices, ensuring a seamless blend of compatibility, quality, performance, safety, and assurance.

Samsung's Foray into Gaming Accessories:

At the heart of Samsung's new gaming ecosystem is the "Gaming Hub," a cloud-based platform allowing users to dive into various games directly on their Samsung TVs without the need for a PC or game console. The platform supports a range of game streaming options, including heavyweights like Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, Boosteroid, Blacknut, Utomik, GeForce Now, and Antstream Arcade. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates popular content services such as YouTube, Spotify, and Twitch.
Samsung's Foray into Gaming Accessories
In a strategic partnership with Performance Designed Products (PDP), Samsung has given birth to the "Replay Midnight Blue" game controller. Resembling the widely acclaimed Xbox controller, this gaming accessory is engineered to enhance the gaming experience for Samsung users. The controller takes center stage as part of the "Designed for Gaming Center" brand, proudly showcasing its compatibility with a range of Samsung devices.

Key Features of the "Replay Midnight Blue" Controller:

Packed with features to cater to avid gamers, the "Replay Midnight Blue" game controller boasts an exceptional 40-hour battery life, ensuring extended gaming sessions without interruptions. The controller utilizes low-latency Bluetooth connectivity, guaranteeing smooth gameplay within a 30-feet range. Samsung users will appreciate the inclusion of a home button, providing quick access to the Samsung Gaming Hub, along with dedicated volume and power buttons for the TV.
Key Features of the "Replay Midnight Blue" Controller
The aesthetics of the controller draw inspiration from the Xbox design, offering a familiar and comfortable feel for gamers. Its sleek "Midnight Blue" color adds a touch of sophistication to the gaming setup.

Availability and Pricing:

Samsung enthusiasts can rejoice as the "Replay Midnight Blue" controller is competitively priced at $49.99. The controller is already creating waves in the gaming community, with pre-orders available on various platforms, including the PDP website, Amazon, and BestBuy.


Samsung's bold entry into the gaming accessory market with the "Designed for Gaming Center" program marks a significant step towards providing a holistic gaming experience for its users. The strategic partnership with PDP has resulted in a controller that not only promises enhanced performance but also aligns seamlessly with Samsung's vision for a unified gaming ecosystem. As the "Replay Midnight Blue" controller takes its place in the limelight at CES 2024, Samsung users can look forward to a new era of gaming where compatibility, quality, and performance take center stage.