Xiaomi 13T Pro Receives HyperOS Update with Android 14 in Europe

Xiaomi 13T Pro HyperOS update

  • HyperOS arrives on Xiaomi 13T Pro, bringing a fresh appearance and Android 14.
  • Customizable lock screen, updated icons, and improved multi-window interface enhance user experience.
  • European users, get ready! The 5.8GB update is on its way to your Xiaomi 13T Pro for a smoother, more efficient system.

Xiaomi has bid farewell to MIUI, its longstanding Android skin, and ushered in a new era with HyperOS. Unveiled by CEO Lei Jun in October, the HyperOS update is now making its way to Xiaomi 13T Pro units in Europe. The 5.8GB over-the-air update promises an enhanced experience, bringing Android 14 to the forefront.

What's Inside the Update?

The installation, though time-consuming, transforms your device into OS version, accompanied by the security patch dated December 1, 2023. Beneath the revamped surface lies the robust Android 14 framework. A comprehensive changelog, as seen in the accompanying screenshots, outlines the modifications.

What's Inside the Update?

HyperOS vs MIUI - Is It a Game-Changer?

Despite the hype around HyperOS, the visual changes may not be as drastic as expected. The rebranding seems more about marketing flair than a groundbreaking overhaul. While some new features are introduced, the overall appearance has undergone subtle improvements that could easily pass for MIUI 15 or even MIUI 14.5.

Performance and User Experience:

HyperOS claims optimized performance for each device, yet real-life usage might not showcase significant differences from MIUI. However, considering MIUI's already impressive speed and smooth operation, this might not be a significant drawback. The promised power efficiency and signal stability improvements remain to be thoroughly evaluated.

Customization and Interface Upgrades:

The lock screen is now highly customizable, offering various effects and looks. Home screen icons receive a refreshing update, while the multi-window interface undergoes enhancements. Google's background improvements are seamlessly integrated into the system.

Rollout Details:

The rollout is progressing in stages, with European Xiaomi 13T Pro owners receiving notifications soon. This isn't a beta or a limited release; it's the official update available to all users.

Rollout Details

What Lies Ahead for HyperOS?

The question remains whether future HyperOS updates will bring more substantial changes. The current update, while introducing some improvements, may leave users wondering if the shift from MIUI was more about branding than a revolutionary transformation.


As Xiaomi navigates away from MIUI towards HyperOS, users can anticipate a refreshed visual experience and minor feature additions. The update promises to be a significant step forward, but only time will reveal whether HyperOS lives up to its name and becomes more than just a marketing rebrand. For now, European Xiaomi 13T Pro users can prepare for the update and explore the subtle yet promising changes brought by HyperOS and Android 14.