Foxconn Partners with HCL: Rs. 1200 Cr Investment for Indian Chip Plant

Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn has unveiled plans to establish a cutting-edge chip assembly and testing plant in India through a strategic partnership with HCL Group. This move, disclosed in a regulatory filing, involves a substantial investment of Rs. 1,200 crore, signifying Foxconn's renewed commitment to expanding its footprint in India's semiconductor industry.

Foxconn's Strategic Expansion in India:

This initiative follows Foxconn's announcement in November 2023, wherein the company committed over $1.6 billion for a similar project in India under its subsidiary, Hon Hai Technology India Mega Development. The newly proposed facility is aimed at meeting operational needs and will be constructed on land owned by Foxconn.

This marks a pivotal moment for Foxconn, emphasizing its determination to make inroads into India's semiconductor sector, especially after the dissolution of its joint venture with the Vedanta Group last year. Despite setbacks, Foxconn has been swift in diversifying its presence in India.

Rapid Expansion and Collaborations:

Just a month ago, Foxconn disclosed plans to invest USD 37.2 million alongside HCL Group for a chip packaging and testing facility, following the termination of its partnership with Vedanta. This swift response highlights the company's agility in adapting to market changes and finding strategic collaborations to propel its growth.

Moreover, in the previous year, Foxconn entered into an agreement with the Tamil Nadu government to construct a new electronic components facility with an investment of Rs. 1600 crore. The location, planned in the Kancheepuram district near Chennai, is distinct from Foxconn's existing campus where iPhones are assembled.

Ongoing Developments and Future Prospects:

As these ventures progress, more details are anticipated to surface in the coming days, shedding light on the specific products to be manufactured at the new electronic components facility in Tamil Nadu. Foxconn's multi-faceted approach in India, encompassing chip assembly, testing, and electronic components, underscores its commitment to leveraging the country's potential as a key player in the global electronics market.

This strategic move not only bolsters Foxconn's position in the rapidly evolving Indian market but also aligns with the government's initiatives to promote local manufacturing and attract foreign investments in the technology sector.


Foxconn's decision to invest Rs. 1200 crore for a new chip assembly and testing plant in India, coupled with its recent collaborations and agreements, showcases the company's proactive approach in navigating the dynamic landscape of the Indian electronics industry. As the projects unfold, the impact on the semiconductor ecosystem and Foxconn's standing in the Indian market will undoubtedly be closely monitored. This development signifies a broader trend of major global players recognizing and capitalizing on India's growing importance in the world of electronics manufacturing.