HMD Teases New Feature Phone, Possibly a Refreshed Nokia 3310 Model

HMD Global, the company that currently holds the license for Nokia phones, has sparked rumors about a potential refresh of the iconic Nokia 3310 feature phone.

HMD's Teasing Announcement:

The buzz started with a recent teaser shared by HMD Global on their social media account (formerly known as Twitter). The teaser image depicts a pixelated version of what appears to be a classic Nokia feature phone, standing beside a balloon. It also includes a link leading to a "birthday page" for an upcoming phone, hinting at a relaunch of a beloved classic. While the official details and the phone's name remain under wraps, the pixelated image on HMD's website further strengthens the speculation of a Nokia 3310 revival.

The Legendary Nokia 3310:

Nokia 3310
image: Nokia 3310
The Nokia 3310 was a powerhouse in the feature phone era, renowned for its durability and long battery life. It came in a variety of vibrant colors, with the bright yellow variant prominently displayed in the teaser. The phone's legendary toughness was hilariously showcased a few years ago when it was pitted against the Apple iPhone 13 Pro in a drop test, leaving the iPhone worse for wear.

What to Expect Next:

HMD Global has yet to officially confirm a Nokia 3310 refresh. However, with the intriguing teaser and the birthday page, anticipation is certainly building. Stay tuned for further updates as more information regarding this potential comeback becomes available.

Possible Reasons for the Revival:

There could be several reasons behind HMD Global's consideration of a Nokia 3310 relaunch. In a world dominated by smartphones, feature phones still hold a niche market, particularly for users who value simplicity, affordability, and extended battery life. The Nokia 3310's iconic status could also be a major factor, leveraging nostalgia for a phone that many remember fondly.


Whether the rumors are true or not, HMD Global's teaser has undeniably stirred excitement. The potential return of the Nokia 3310 would be a fascinating development, offering a taste of the past in a world obsessed with the latest technology.