Krutrim, India's First AI Unicorn, Secures $50M Funding

Krutrim, the artificial intelligence (AI) startup founded by serial entrepreneur Bhavish Aggarwal, has achieved unicorn status by securing a remarkable $50 million in funding. This milestone makes Krutrim the first Indian AI startup to reach a billion-dollar valuation, just a month after unveiling a significant language model.

Krutrim's Swift Ascent to Unicorn Status:

Krutrim's journey to unicorn status was propelled by a $50 million investment from prominent backers, including Matrix Partners India. The startup, meaning "artificial" in Sanskrit, recently introduced a large language model, setting the stage for its rapid rise in the AI landscape.

Diversifying into Data Centers and AI Ecosystem:

Beyond language models, Krutrim is expanding its footprint by delving into the development of data centers. The ultimate goal is to create servers and supercomputers tailored for the growing demands of the AI ecosystem. This strategic move positions Krutrim as a key player in shaping India's AI infrastructure.

Diversifying into Data Centers and AI Ecosystem

Global Landscape of AI Competitors:

Internationally, the race to build large language models has intensified, with various countries aiming to create autonomous AI systems rather than relying on external technologies. In Europe, France's Mistral AI has achieved a $2 billion valuation, while the United Arab Emirates boasts the Falcon model, backed by a government research institute in Abu Dhabi.

India's Focus on Cost-Efficient AI Systems:

With a population of 1.4 billion, India is strategically focusing on building smaller, more cost-efficient AI systems. Sarvam, a generative AI startup, recently launched OpenHathi, its first open-source Hindi language model, following a $41 million investment. This underscores the country's commitment to developing indigenous AI solutions.

Bhavish Aggarwal's Vision for Indian AI:

Bhavish Aggarwal, the visionary founder of Ola, India's prominent ride-hailing startup, emphasized the necessity for India to develop its own AI capabilities. He stated, "We are fully committed towards building the country's first complete AI computing stack," underlining the importance of self-reliance in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.


As Krutrim emerges as India's first AI unicorn, the landscape of artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly on a global scale. The strategic focus on cost-efficient AI systems and the commitment to building indigenous capabilities signal a transformative era for India's technological advancements. Bhavish Aggarwal's vision aligns with the nation's goal of self-sufficiency in AI, paving the way for future innovations and collaborations in the dynamic world of artificial intelligence.