Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal Unveils Krutrim AI: India's First Full-Stack Solution

‘Krutrim’ AI model

Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola, has recently introduced 'Krutrim' AI, a pioneering project dedicated to developing India's first comprehensive AI solution. 

The initiative places a strong emphasis on harnessing indigenous knowledge, languages, and data to propel the country's advancement in the field of artificial intelligence.

The Birth of Krutrim AI:

Founded in April 2023 by Aggarwal and Krishnamurthy Venugopala Tenneti, Krutrim AI introduces two models - Krutrim and Krutrim Pro.

The Birth of Krutrim AI

The base model, Krutrim, boasts proficiency in comprehending 22 languages and generating text in 10 Indian languages. Meanwhile, the advanced problem-solving model, Krutrim Pro, is slated for release in the upcoming quarter.

Outperforming the Competition:

Krutrim AI claims superiority by being trained on a remarkable 20 times more Indic tokens than any other model, outshining competitors like GPT-4 and Llama models in terms of Indic performance. 

Notably, the AI is designed to process voice inputs and respond in kind, offering users a unique and interactive experience.

Cultural Relevance and Custom Tokenizer:

To truly understand the nuances of Indian culture and languages, Krutrim AI is finely tuned using a substantial amount of Indian data.

Cultural Relevance and Custom Tokenizer

The initiative employs a custom tokenizer specifically designed for interpreting various Indian languages and scripts, surpassing open-source Language Learning Models on industry-standard benchmarks.

Aggarwal stresses the significance of tailoring the entire AI stack to Indian performance levels, cultural relevance, and cost structure. The overarching goal of Krutrim is to contribute to India's progression towards an AI-first economy.

Krutrim SI Designs:

Behind Krutrim AI is Krutrim SI Designs, a company focused on technological innovation. 

The company aims to develop cutting-edge silicon chips, establish a robust cloud infrastructure, and create AI models finely tuned to the Indian context. Prototypes for these innovations are expected to be released in mid-2024.

Accessibility and Availability:

The Krutrim AI model website is now live, allowing interested users to register their interest.

Accessibility and Availability

The base Language Learning Model (LLM) will be accessible to everyone starting next month, with APIs becoming available in February of the following year. 

This move towards accessibility aligns with Krutrim's mission to democratize AI and make it available to a wider audience.

Looking Ahead:

As Ola takes this bold step into the realm of AI with Krutrim, the vision is clear - to not only keep pace with global advancements but to lead the charge by tailoring technology to the unique needs of the Indian populace. 

The unveiling of Krutrim AI marks a significant chapter in India's tech landscape, setting the stage for a future where homegrown innovation takes center stage.

In conclusion, Bhavish Aggarwal's vision for Krutrim AI is not merely a technological breakthrough; it is a commitment to shaping the future of AI in India, one that is deeply rooted in cultural understanding and linguistic diversity. 

The journey towards an AI-first economy may have just found its catalyst in Krutrim, a model that encapsulates the spirit of innovation, inclusivity, and progress.