Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Leaks: 4K 120fps Video, Pre-Order Perks Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

  • The new Galaxy S24 Ultra might record videos in super clear 4K at a faster rate of 120 frames per second.
  • If you order early, you could get double the usual storage, making your phone even better.
  • Pre-order perks include special discounts on a Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds FE, making it a great deal for early buyers.

  • As the launch of Samsung's highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series approaches, leaks regarding the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra's video recording capabilities have surfaced. Renowned tipster Ice Universe has disclosed intriguing details, particularly highlighting the potential inclusion of 4K video recording at an impressive 120 frames per second (fps). While these leaks generate excitement, it's important to note that the feature is still in the testing phase, and its inclusion in the commercial unit is not confirmed.

    Upgraded Video Recording:

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra is poised to outshine its predecessor, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, by offering enhanced video recording capabilities. The leaked information suggests that the device may support 4K video recording at a higher frame rate of 120fps. 

    This would mark a significant improvement over the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which limited 4K recording to 60fps. While the leak is promising, users should be aware that the feature is still undergoing testing, and its inclusion in the final product is subject to confirmation.

    Pre-Order Benefits Revealed:

    In addition to the video recording revelations, details about the pre-order benefits for the Galaxy S24 series have emerged. According to information from a reliable source within the company, those who pre-order the premium-grade phones will enjoy double the storage space. 

    For instance, pre-booking the Galaxy S24, S24+, or S24 Ultra with a 256GB version could potentially result in receiving a device with 512GB of storage. This enticing offer aims to incentivize early adopters and enhance the overall user experience.

    Exclusive Pre-Order Incentives:

    Aside from the increased storage capacity, pre-order customers may also be eligible for exclusive incentives. Reports suggest that purchasers could receive a Galaxy Watch model and Galaxy Buds FE at discounted prices through the use of coupons. This strategy not only encourages early adoption but also adds tangible value for consumers considering pre-ordering the Galaxy S24 series.

    Revolutionary 4K 120fps Video Recording:

    If the leaks prove accurate, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will make history by being the first in the Galaxy S series to offer 4K video recording at 120fps. While other smartphone brands have introduced similar features in their flagship devices, widespread adoption in the industry is yet to be seen. Samsung's push towards higher resolution and frame rates demonstrates a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology to its user base.

    Testing Phase Caution:

    It's essential to approach the leaked information with caution, considering the feature is still in the testing phase. While the leaks are exciting, Samsung may choose to refine or omit certain features based on testing outcomes and user feedback. Therefore, potential buyers should temper their expectations until official announcements from Samsung regarding the finalized specifications of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


    As Samsung gears up for the Galaxy S24 series launch, the leaks surrounding the Galaxy S24 Ultra's video recording capabilities add an extra layer of excitement. The potential inclusion of 4K 120fps recording showcases Samsung's commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology. 

    Coupled with enticing pre-order benefits, the Galaxy S24 series aims to captivate tech enthusiasts and secure its position as a frontrunner in the competitive smartphone market. However, users are advised to await the official announcement for the confirmed specifications and features of the Galaxy S24 Ultra before making any purchasing decisions.