Samsung Galaxy S24 Series to Feature AI Photo Editing, Rivaling Google's Pixel 8


  • Samsung Galaxy S24 series boasts AI photo editing like Google's Pixel 8.
  • The new feature allows moving, and removing objects in photos and videos.
  • Live Translate for calls, Nightography Zoom for improved low-light photos.

  • The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series is on the verge of release, promising an array of cutting-edge features. Recent leaks, shared by reliable tipster Arsène Lupin, shed light on a notable addition – the Generative Edit feature. This intriguing tool is poised to revolutionize photo editing on the Galaxy S24 series, drawing comparisons to Google's Pixel 8 series Magic Editor. As we await the official launch, let's delve into the details surrounding this AI-powered photo editing capability and other anticipated features.

    Samsung's New Generative Edit Tool:

    The Generative Edit feature is touted as the standout offering in the Galaxy S24 series' arsenal. A leaked marketing image suggests that this tool will allow users to seamlessly move or remove objects in photos while intelligently filling empty spaces with generative edits. Drawing parallels with Google's Pixel 8 Magic Editor, the Generative Edit feature is anticipated to necessitate a Samsung account login and an internet connection.

    Much like its Pixel counterpart, the Generative Edit feature is not limited to still images alone. Speculations hint at its applicability to videos as well, aligning with earlier leaks regarding the Galaxy S24 series' ability to erase objects from videos. This positions Samsung to compete with Google's established Magic Editor, potentially sparking a new era in mobile photo and video editing.

    Google's Magic Editor - Inspiring Samsung's Photo Magic:

    Google's Pixel 8 series has already set a benchmark with its Magic Editor, offering users the ability to move, remove, and add generative fill to images. The requirement for an internet connection is a commonality between the two rival features, showcasing a trend towards cloud-dependent AI photo editing solutions. As the industry continues to evolve, it's evident that AI-driven capabilities are becoming central to the smartphone experience.

    Google's Magic Editor - Inspiring Samsung's Photo Magic
    The Generative Edit feature is poised to be a unified offering across all Galaxy S24 models, affirming Samsung's commitment to integrating advanced AI capabilities into its flagship lineup. As the tech giants engage in this feature-rich rivalry, users can anticipate a leap in the quality and intuitiveness of mobile photo and video editing.

    Additional AI Features - Live Translate and Nightography Zoom:

    The leaked marketing material also unveils two additional AI features expected in the Galaxy S24 series – Live Translate and Nightography Zoom. Live Translate, recently announced by Samsung, leverages AI to enable real-time translation during phone calls. This functionality aligns with the growing emphasis on AI-driven language processing and translation tools in the smartphone landscape.

    Nightography Zoom, on the other hand, is geared towards enhancing low-light photography using the telephoto camera. Samsung aims to elevate the photography experience by integrating AI algorithms that optimize image quality in challenging lighting conditions. These features further solidify the Galaxy S24 series' position as a powerhouse in AI-driven smartphone technology.

    Speculated Launch Date and Processor Details:

    While rumors suggest a January 17 launch for the Galaxy S24 series, an official announcement is yet to be made. If this speculation holds true, Samsung enthusiasts can expect a detailed unveiling of the AI features and capabilities that set the series apart.

    Under the hood, the Galaxy S24 series is rumored to feature a custom variant of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC in most regions. Some areas may receive the Exynos 2400 chipset, highlighting Samsung's strategic approach to processor selection based on regional preferences and performance considerations.


    As the smartphone landscape continues to evolve, the integration of AI features takes center stage. The leaked details surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 series suggest a significant leap forward in AI-powered photo editing, challenging Google's Pixel 8 series with the Generative Edit feature. 

    With Live Translate and Nightography Zoom enhancing the overall package, Samsung appears poised to redefine the user experience in the flagship smartphone arena. As we await the official launch, the Galaxy S24 series holds the promise of pushing the boundaries of AI innovation and solidifying its position as a frontrunner in the competitive smartphone market.