Google Pixel Phones Set to Introduce Satellite SOS Feature

  • Phones will soon be able to send SOS messages even without signal.
  • This will be helpful in remote areas or when there's no phone signal.
  • More details to come, but it's a handy new feature for Pixel phone users!

Calling all adventurers and those who frequent remote areas, Google Pixel phones are gearing up for a potentially life-saving feature: Satellite SOS. This upcoming functionality aims to provide users with a communication lifeline even when conventional cellular and Wi-Fi signals are unavailable.
Google Pixel Phones Satellite SOS Feature
Google Pixel
While not fully operational yet, the "Satellite SOS" option has been spotted within the "Safety & Emergency" settings on Pixel devices. A detailed breakdown of the feature's inner workings was unveiled by 9to5Google through a rooted Pixel phone.

How Will It Work?

As the name suggests, Satellite SOS will leverage satellite technology to connect users with emergency services in situations where traditional methods fail. The service will enable users to:
Google Pixel Satellite SOS feature
Google Pixel Satellite SOS Feature
  • Send messages to emergency services: This crucial function allows users to communicate their situation and request assistance, even in remote locations devoid of cellular coverage.
  • Share location via Google Maps: Real-time location sharing through Google Maps provides vital information to emergency responders, aiding in faster rescue efforts.
  • Provide emergency details: Users might have the option to send additional information about the nature of their emergency, further assisting responders in preparing for the situation.

Data Sharing and Partnerships:

To facilitate this service, Google will collect specific user data, including:
  • User name
  • Phone number linked to the Google account
  • Up to three emergency contact details
Furthermore, information regarding the user's location, device specifics, and details about the emergency will be shared with both emergency responders and the satellite service provider.

While Google hasn't officially revealed the countries where Satellite SOS will be available, a link to a Garmin Search and Rescue Insurance plan within the settings suggests a potential partnership with Garmin. Currently, the demo features are present but non-functional.

The Road to Launch:

An exact launch date for the fully operational Satellite SOS feature remains under wraps. However, the widespread presence of the setting on Pixel devices and the comprehensive menu discovered behind it suggest an imminent rollout could be on the horizon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google Pixel phones are preparing to gain a "Satellite SOS" feature for emergency communication in areas with no cellular or Wi-Fi signal.
  • The feature will allow users to send messages, share location, and potentially provide details about the emergency to responders.
  • User data like name, phone number, and emergency contacts will be collected for the service to function.
  • A potential partnership with Garmin is hinted at, but specific launch details and availability remain unclear.

This upcoming addition to Pixel phones could prove invaluable for those venturing into remote locations or encountering situations where traditional communication methods are unavailable. Stay tuned for further updates as Google unveils the official launch date and functionalities of the Satellite SOS feature.