Google Pixel Mystery: Large Battery Spotted on UL Demko Certification

Google's smartphone lineup is expanding with exciting new additions, including the Pixel 8a, Pixel 9 series, and the highly-anticipated Pixel Fold 2. Amidst these anticipated releases, a mysterious Google Pixel device has been unveiled, leaving tech enthusiasts buzzing with curiosity.
Google Pixel Mystery

Google Pixel GH2MB UL Demko Certification:

Recently, tech sleuths discovered an intriguing entry on the UL Demko certification website. The entry revealed an upcoming Google smartphone labeled with the model number GH2MB. What caught everyone's attention was the device's substantial battery capacity, boasting an impressive 4,942mAh rating, equivalent to around 5,000mAh in marketing terms.
Google Pixel GH2MB UL Demko certification

Battery Size Speculation:

The size of the battery raises speculation about the identity of this enigmatic device. While it's tempting to associate it with the budget-oriented Pixel 8a, the battery's capacity suggests otherwise. It aligns more closely with the battery expectations for flagship devices like the Pixel 9 series, especially the Pro variants. Another possibility is that this certification could be linked to the Pixel Fold 2, as foldable phones typically demand larger batteries to support their unique form factors.

Unveiling the Mystery:

Despite the intriguing certification, the listing fails to specify the exact identity of the device. Tech enthusiasts eagerly await further certifications that could shed more light on the GH2MB's true specifications and identity in the coming days.

Tensor G4 Chipset Leak:

In related news, a new Tensor chipset, presumably the Tensor G4, has surfaced in a Geekbench listing. This chipset is expected to power the upcoming Google Pixel 9 series and Pixel Fold 2. However, the listing reveals some interesting details. Unlike its predecessor, the Tensor G3, which boasted nine cores, the Tensor G4 features an octa-core processor. Additionally, its performance appears slightly inferior to the previous model. While this may be attributed to its status as an engineering model, the decision to reduce the number of cores remains a point of confusion among tech enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts:

As the tech world eagerly anticipates Google's upcoming smartphone releases, the discovery of the mysterious GH2MB device adds an extra layer of excitement. With its impressive battery capacity and potential implications for Google's flagship and foldable phone lineups, all eyes are on further developments and certifications to unravel the mystery behind this intriguing device. Meanwhile, the leak of the Tensor G4 chipset hints at potential advancements in Google's processing power, although questions linger regarding the rationale behind the reduction in core count. Stay tuned for more updates as the tech saga unfolds.