Google Pixel Watch 3 Expected to Offer Multiple Sizes, Pixel Buds Pro 2 in the Works

Google's next-generation Pixel Watch, rumored to be called Pixel Watch 3, might finally come in multiple sizes, addressing a common complaint about its predecessors. Additionally, reports suggest that the company is also developing the Pixel Buds Pro 2, the successor to its popular wireless earbuds.

Pixel Watch 3 - Addressing the Size Issue:

Unlike its competitors, Apple and Samsung, which offer their smartwatches in various sizes, Google's Pixel Watch has only been available in a single size (41mm) so far. This has been a pain point for some potential buyers, especially those with larger wrists.
Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch
According to a recent report, Google is addressing this issue with the Pixel Watch 3. The new watch is expected to come in a larger size, possibly with a 45mm diameter. This would offer a more comfortable fit for users with larger wrists and potentially provide additional benefits like a bigger battery, more sensors, and a larger display. It is also speculated that Google might continue to offer the 41mm size alongside the new variant, catering to users who prefer a smaller watch.

Pixel Buds Pro 2 - Successor in the Works:

The report also mentions the development of the Pixel Buds Pro 2, the potential successor to the Pixel Buds Pro launched in 2022. Google typically follows a two-year release cycle for its wireless earbuds, so a 2024 release for the Pixel Buds Pro 2 seems plausible. However, the exact name and specifications of the new earbuds remain unknown at this time.

Exciting Times for Google Wearables:

The news of a larger Pixel Watch and the potential arrival of Pixel Buds Pro 2 is exciting for Google's wearable ecosystem. These developments suggest that Google is committed to improving its wearables offerings and competing more effectively in the market. While details are still scarce, these rumors offer a glimpse into what we might expect from Google in the coming months.