Galaxy S23 Ultra Users Report Touchscreen Issues After One UI 6.1 Update

Many Galaxy S23 Ultra owners are experiencing touchscreen problems following the recent One UI 6.1 update. While the S Pen continues to function, finger touches are either unresponsive or registering inconsistently.

Update Causing Touchscreen Problems for Galaxy S23 Ultra:

Samsung released the One UI 6.1 update to the Galaxy S23 series in late March. Since then, numerous users have reported issues with the touchscreen functionality on their devices. Interestingly, the S Pen, a digital stylus by Samsung, remains unaffected and can be used to operate the phone.
Galaxy S23 Ultra
image: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

User Reports Detail Varied Touchscreen Issues:

Several Galaxy S23 Ultra users have shared their experiences on Samsung's official forums. All these reports point to the problems arising after the One UI 6.1 update. The severity of the touchscreen malfunction varies. Some users experience missed touches, while others have reported complete unresponsiveness.
Galaxy S23 Ultra OneUI 6.1 Issue
Galaxy S23 Ultra OneUI 6.1 Issue
One Reddit user described their S23 Ultra as only responding to the second touch on the lock screen swipe. Another user stated, "After version 6.1...the touchscreen is no longer responding to a finger touch but works with S Pen, how do I fix this?"

These reports highlight the widespread nature of the issue, rendering the phones partially unusable in some cases.

Third-Party Screen Replacements Potentially Impeding Functionality:

Galaxy S23 Ultra Issue
Samsung OneUI 6.1 issue
While the exact cause remains unclear, some users facing these touchscreen issues have reported having their phone screens replaced with non-Samsung parts. This suggests a potential incompatibility between the update and third-party screen replacements.

This raises concerns about Samsung potentially implementing stricter software compatibility measures, similar to some competitors, that might restrict functionality with unauthorized parts.

Unintended Bug or Deliberate Change?

Whether the touchscreen problems are due to a software bug or a deliberate move by Samsung is yet to be determined. It's also unclear how widespread the issue is or if it's exclusive to devices with non-original screens.

Users are eagerly awaiting Samsung's official response to these concerning reports.