Top 6 Android Apps To Customize Your Android Phone Like a Pro

After this, I’m sure you’ll be able to change the look & feel of your smartphone. I’m not talking about AndroidOS but the UI customizations can be changed using the carefully till the end, as there’s a lot of time & research that went into it. so read it till the end.

(1) Cometin - You might have installed custom ROMS for extra features. And Cometin helps do the same.
Eg) Adding Ambient Display, & many more customizing modules are available.
Eg) App Locker, to keep private & separate files/folders with a passcode.
There's a Flip-to-Silent feature that silences the phone as you flip it, which isn’t present on a phone.
There’s Shake Device, where you can assign different actions to the phone as you shake it (Camera/LED flash etc)
It’s just 9.8MB in size & is developed by Netherlands’ developers. And you must try it!
I use this next app on my phone along with Cometin.

(2) Tapet - It’s a next-gen wallpaper app that automatically generates wallpapers according to the resolution of your phone. It keeps in mind the screen size, etc, to get you the best suitable wallpapers. You have to choose the initial templates & then you can change wallpapers every hour/6 hours/day. Do try it out, it’s only 10-11MB in size & is from the USA.

(3) Volume Styles - You can customize your volume panel styles, not just colours but shapes/sizes too. Be it rectangular/horizontal/vertical bars & also you can add volume panel shortcuts. Like changing the brightness/volume/mute/unmute, you can customize all of these. So if you want to change your volume panel slider, then do try it..

(4) Energy Ring - If you have a Samsung phone, you can bring a ring around the punch-hole camera. It’s not just a ring but also a battery indicator to show your battery’s charge status. It also shows when you start charging. And shows an energy bar, if you don't have a Samsung phone. It looks like a line on the phone’s top which is customizable(yellow/red/blue etc) And moves up/down as the phone is charging/discharging. It's eye-candy as you can change the punch-hole camera’s look & the energy bar looks good too. There are a lot of animations too & most importantly it’s made in India!

(5) Android 12 Clock Widgets - Android 12 has a lot of visual changes including the clocks. The normal analog/digital clocks’ designs have been changed & you get more different styles. These are widget clocks, where you can customize the clocks with size/colour/type. You can show your friends that you have Android 12 with the home clock widget. Just show them from far, else they’ll know that it isn’t really Android 12. It’s a nice app with only 5MB in size so you can go ahead & install.


(6) Icon Pack Studio With this app, you can create/customize your own icons with different shapes/colours etc. It’s 47MB in size, but with this app, you can change/create unique icons. We tried making some of the icons & you must try it if you’re interested in icon designing. So install these apps & let us know which app is your favourite.

 Top 6 Android Apps To Customize Your Android Phone Like a Pro

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