Noise Buds VS102 Review: Best Earbuds Under 1000 in India (July 2023)

best earbuds under 1000

The Noise Buds VS102 Bluetooth earbuds offer music enthusiasts an impressive audio experience with their 11mm speaker driver, immersive sound quality, and unique flybird design. Boasting a remarkable battery life of up to 50 hours and IPX5 water resistance, these earbuds are perfect for prolonged use and outdoor activities. This review will delve into the features, performance, and user reviews of the Noise Buds VS102, focusing on its strengths as a music-oriented headset.

Features and Specifications:

  • Mic: Yes
  • Bluetooth version: v5.1
  • Wireless range: 10m
  • Battery life: 50 hours
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Driver size: 11mm
  • Type-C charging port
  • IPX5 water-resistant

The Noise Buds VS102 earbuds come with a range of features that cater to music listeners seeking convenience, comfort, and crystal-clear audio.

1. Long-lasting Battery Life: With an outstanding battery life of up to 50 hours, these earbuds let music enthusiasts enjoy uninterrupted entertainment for extended periods.

2. Stunning Flybird Design: The sleek and stylish flybird design adds a trendy touch to these earbuds, making them not just functional but also fashionable.

3. InstachargeTM: Enjoy the convenience of InstachargeTM, which provides up to 120 minutes of playtime with just 10 minutes of charging.

4. Immersive Audio with 11mm Driver: The 11mm speaker driver ensures high-quality, clear, and immersive audio, allowing users to relish every nuance of their favorite music.

5. Touch Controls: Full touch controls enable effortless playlist management, reducing the need to frequently use your mobile phone.

6. IPX5 Water-resistant: Designed to withstand water splashes, sweat, and moisture, these earbuds are ideal for workouts, outdoor activities, and rainy days.

7. Bluetooth v5.1 Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.1 ensures seamless and instant pairing with your phone, laptop, or other devices for a superior audio experience.
Noise Buds VS102
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User Reviews:

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the Noise Buds VS102, emphasizing its strengths as a music-focused headset.

1. Crystal Clear Sound and Voice: Users have praised the earbuds for delivering exceptional sound quality, providing clear and distinct voice reproduction.

2. Excellent Stereo Experience: The earbuds offer a great stereo experience, allowing listeners to appreciate small instrument details in their music.

3. Bass Quality: While the 11mm driver ensures overall audio clarity, some users found the bass quality lacking on simple music players. However, using a specialized music player like Poweramp significantly improves the bass experience.

4. Connectivity and Call Quality: The Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity ensures quick and reliable pairing, while the call quality has been rated as very good by users.

5. Comfortable and Stylish: Users find the Noise Buds VS102 comfortable for extended use, and the trendy flybird design adds a touch of style.

6. Glossy Case: The glossy case, while visually appealing, is prone to scratches, which might be a concern for some users.

7. Battery Backup: Some users report a battery backup of approximately 3.5 hours on a single charge, which could vary based on usage and settings.

Price and Warranty:

The Noise Buds VS102 earbuds were initially priced at 1299 rupees, but they are currently available at a discounted price of 899 rupees on Flipkart. The product has garnered a 4.1-star rating out of 5 from users, indicating overall satisfaction with its performance.


For music enthusiasts looking for a stylish and reliable Bluetooth headset, the Noise Buds VS102 offers an excellent option. Its crystal clear audio quality and immersive sound make it a top choice for music listeners. Although the bass quality may not be as strong on simple music players, using the Poweramp music player can enhance the bass experience. With its reasonable pricing and positive user reviews, the Noise Buds VS102 is a recommended choice for newcomers to true wireless earbuds. However, it may not satisfy those who are already accustomed to more expensive TWS options.

Note: This review is unbiased and based on user experiences, highlighting both the positives and areas for improvement.


Q: What is the battery life of the Noise Buds VS102?
The Noise Buds VS102 offers an impressive battery life of up to 50 hours on a single charge.

Q: Does the Noise Buds VS102 have a quick charging feature?
Yes, the earbuds support InstachargeTM, providing up to 120 minutes of playtime with a 10-minute charge.

Q: How is the audio quality of the Noise Buds VS102?
The earbuds deliver crystal-clear audio with the help of an 11mm speaker driver.

Q: Is the Noise Buds VS102 water-resistant?
Yes, the earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant, protecting them from water splashes, sweat, and moisture.

Q: What version of Bluetooth does the Noise Buds VS102 use?
The earbuds utilize Bluetooth v5.1 for seamless connectivity.

Q: Can I control my playlist with the earbuds?
Yes, the Noise Buds VS102 has touch controls that allow easy playlist navigation.

Q: How comfortable are the Noise Buds VS102 for long-term use?
The earbuds are designed for comfort during extended wear.

Q: What is the unique feature of the Noise Buds VS102 design?
The earbuds boast a stylish and trendy Flybird design.

Q: Is the bass quality suitable for all music players?
While the bass quality is generally good, using the Poweramp music player enhances the experience.

Q: How does the call quality perform on the Noise Buds VS102?
The earbuds offer good call quality, ensuring clear communication.

Q: What is the warranty period for the Noise Buds VS102?
The earbuds come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Q: How much does the Noise Buds VS102 cost?
The current price of the earbuds is 899 rupees.