Eight Important Questions/Answers that can be beneficial for you (FAQ)


1: Where do Students buy laptop in this lockdown?

Ans: First you select your laptop, which laptop you want to purchase then search this laptop on online stores, If these Laptop are available then Online store is a best. because on the online stores you can save your money by applying a offers. 

2: Can we get money instead of laptop?

Ans: You can get money instead of laptop. simple way of get money instead of laptop is a online selling stores like; (OLX, ebay, Quikr.com etc) you can sell your laptop here. If you want to buy a new laptop then you can buy a new laptop with exchange of your old laptop, but in this process you will payed some amount for your new laptop.

3: How is Poco doing in the Indian smartphone market?

Ans: Poco is a perent company of Xiaomi. they are launch rebranded of Xiaomi phones, so maximum phones launched by Poco they are rebranded. but overall Poco phones is good.

4: What is good temp of smartphone?

Ans: Between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F) Temperature is good for smartphone.

5: How to check your phone have 5g or not?

Ans: You can Check this on you mobile network settings. and two more way to check: first you can see this on your mobile box. second: online shopping stores; (like; amazon & flipkart) and your mobile company website also you can check your phone is 5g or not.

6: What happens when I will connect phone to laptop through USB and my laptop is connected to charger?

Ans: Your phone will getting charge, and you can also share data with both devices.

7: Can I install unacademy on Chromebook tablets?

Ans: Yes you can install unacademy on Chromebook tablets.

8: What are the apps will be in Chromebook before we buy?

Ans: Chromebook is comes with many useful apps, Check full List.