OnePlus Buds Pro TWS Earphones comes with 11mm Drivers, Smart ANC,38 Hrs & More | full specifications and Launch date in India

OnePlus has launched 2 TWS earphones & neckband earphones, but they’re all below Rs 5K. But I’ll tell you what, they’ve come up with some good audio products as I have used & tested them all. And now they’ve come up with a flagship level TWS earphone, the OnePlus Buds Pro. The price on the box is around Rs 11-12K, but according to me they’ll be under Rs 10K at around Rs 9.5-10K. Let’s see if the OnePlus Buds Pro is good or bad for the Rs 10K price. 

Build Quality - It’s weight 59g. there’s the USB Type C port for charging. It looks good & the black looks premium too! there’s also a Glossy White & you can go for it, if you like it. They’re interesting & different in design. It seems like launching TWS earphones with a different design is the new trend!  And when you put it in the case, they fit right in place as it’s magnetic. So it’s good in terms of design!

There’s an earbuds fit test as well & it’s saying “Perfect Fit”, So there’s extreme noise cancellation, oh yes there’s smart noise cancellation & transparency mode, there’s “off” meaning no noise cancellation nor transparency. Firstly, they’re very comfortable to wear! They aren’t that heavy & are about 4.35g in weight. And they don’t feel heavy in the ear. You should not have any problems if you're listening for longer periods. The audio quality is epic! Especially the bass, I really liked it a lot! And, the bass isn’t overpowering music, it’s a good quality tight bass & isn’t hollow. In fact, in all other factors, you get extremely good quality music. The mids are good, vocals are very clear & even the highs have been managed perfectly! So even if you listen to all types of music, like bassy, pop/hip-hop, you’d like it all. Even if you listen to classical music, you’ll enjoy it on the OnePlus Buds Pro. Friends if you wear them during studying, & want to focus. There’s a mode in the app called Zen Mode Air. Where you get the feeling of being in the middle of the Amazon Forest & you’ll hear water streams, birds chirping etc.

Drivers - It has 11mm drivers. I’ve heard music from other earphones with the same 11mm drivers, & I didn’t expect the sound to be that good! So full marks on audio quality!

Battery - With ANC, on a single charge, the buds give up to 5 hours of backup(music playback). With ANC off, you get 7 hours of backup.

There’s another thing about ANC, it’s effective! Many earphones have ANC but it’s just for the namesake. But not with these, in fact, you can even higher or lower it from 15dB to 40dB. So you can do that if you want less/high noise cancellation. So noise cancelling is also quite good! these don't have touch/gesture controls, there are pinch controls! Meaning you’ll have to pinch press them. So to play/pause press it once, press it twice to go to the next song. And they work well with a tick sound to let you know that it’s working. With TWS, one thing’s really important! The IP certification! Yes, it’s IP certified. The ear buds are IP55 certified & the case is IPX4 certified. So it’s water resistant & not dust resistant, but the buds are both dust & water resistant. I forgot to tell you about the charging. They support wireless charging! And they also support fast charging! If you charge them for 10 minutes, you can listen for 10 hours! Not bad at all! And among other features, there’s a 94ms low latency mode for gaming. And for connectivity, there’s the latest Bluetooth 5.2

I think in the Rs 9-10K price range, they’re decent enough. If they’re able to price around Rs 6-7.5K, I would have blindly recommended it! But for Rs 10K, you have some other options that are equally good. Overall, I’d still say if you want a good & premium OnePlus TWS. You should definitely look at these.