RedmiBook 15 Pro: first Impressions, full Specifications, price & reviews | Best laptop under 50K

Here we have the RedmiBook 15 Pro, there’s also an E-edition Learning which we don't have yet. But this is the upper version, we’re going to give its first looks. We haven’t spent much time. you get a 65W fast charger, & the laptop itself.

Build Quality - It’s a big 15.6” laptop, there’s minimalistic Redmi branding. It’s a polycarbonate build. It’s good quality, looks nice,premium & doesn’t look cheap. This is Charcoal Grey colour, & it’s the only colour. Below, there’s an air flow grill to keep the machine cool. And there are raise stands for it to sit at an angle. On the front side, you also get speaker grills.

Ports & Buttons - On the left, you get a power port, 2 USB 3.2 (Gen1), & a full sized HDMI port. On the right, you get a 3.5mm jack, a SD card reader, a USB 2.0 port & an RJ45 LAN port with a Kensington lock. It’s 1.792kg which is almost 1.8kgs & you can feel it. I've been using & unboxing some light weight laptops recently & compared to them, it’s a bit on the heavier side. Time to open it up. It’s a big screen, that’s nice & lovely! The trackpad is big, I liked it. There’s Intel Iris Xe written, & both sides have enough space. There’s no NumPad, but the keys on the board are spaced out well with 1.5mm key travel & good clicks.

Display - Let’s start it up, it has a big 15.6” display, there’s no 14” variant with Pro, this is the only one. The side bezels are thin while the upper bezel is average sized & the chin is ok too. There’s no webcam on the Mi NoteBook, you have to use it as an accessory via USB. But not with this one, here you get a webcam in the upper bezel along with 2 microphones. it’s 15.6” FHD display, which seems sufficiently bright. I feel it’s a little less & it could have been brighter.

Specifications - It comes on Intel Core i5(11th Gen) processor & it doesn’t have a different GPU. It has an integrated Iris Xe GPU. And there’s no separate GPU on it. It only comes in 1 variant with 8GB RAM & 512GB SSD storage. And there’s only 1 storage slot, so in order to upgrade, you’ll have to replace the existing one. The 512GB SSD is NVMe SSD, so the read & write speeds are good! And boots Windows up very quickly. 

OS(UI) - You get Windows 10 Home Edition, that’s upgradeable to Windows 11, which is coming soon this year. So you’ll get a free upgrade as well. And you get Microsoft Office 2019(Trial Version) preinstalled. The trackpad is big & has Windows precision drivers that make it nice & responsive.

Battery - You get a 46WHr battery with 65W charging, that can charge up to 50% in 35 minutes. And Xiaomi claims, it can run for up to 10 hours & I think under normal usage you’d get 7-8 hours definitely.

Connectivity - You get Dual band W-iFi & Bluetooth 5.1 support.

Multimedia - The display is decent, which could’ve been better & brighter with punchier colours. This is just the first look, we might have to adjust some settings, but it’s a big screen & the audio is quite loud. The audio quality is good, so for multimedia, the sound is good & display is average.

Pricing - It’s priced at Rs 49,999/- & with introductory offers on bank cards, you’d Rs 3500 off. But, the price is Rs 50K. And according to me it’s slightly overpriced! With these specifications it should’ve been around Rs 40-45K, but it’s gone close to Rs 50K. We expect Redmi to have aggressive pricing. To talk about pros, you get a big screen, there’s no USB Type C, but, you get all ports like 3 USB ports, an SD card reader, RJ45 port, HDMI port & Kensington Lock. I really liked the audio, it’s quite good on this one. And finally, the battery is good! It’ll easily last 7-8 hours.To talk about cons, I’m not very happy with the display, not sure why but, the display is ok. Secondly, it’s not future proof, if you want to upgrade with SSD storage, then you’d have a problem with the single slot. And there are no other variants as options, where you could have a 256GB SSD & 1TB HDD, which would be great. But there’s only the 512GB SSD variant. And finally, there’s an integrated GPU. Their Mi NoteBook 14 has a dedicated GPU & is for Rs 48K. And this one with integrated GPU is for Rs 50K. So overall, I’d say it is slightly overpriced for sure. And I think that's what the RedmiBook 15 Pro is all about! It has an E-learning edition that comes with Intel i3(11th Gen). And it has 1-2 different variants with 256GB storage options. And it has the same 15.6” display size. So these are the 2 first laptop offerings from Redmi with its RedmiBook.