ROG XG Mobile eGPU Full Specifications & Quick Review | This Changes The GAME | GeForce RTX 3080, 16GB VRAM

ROG XG Mobile eGPU: It’s specifications finally here, If you’ve bought the ROG Flow X13, then this will change everything! This portable GPU is being launched for the 1st time by ROG! It’s their proprietary & isn't a thunderbolt. But, it’s seriously portable.  

Build Quality - It has a good build quality & it’s got the same ridged design as the Flow X13 with an ROG logo. It looks very nice & good! Asus says that it has a 3D gravity wave design & has air vents below for cooling. So overall, it’s nice looking.

Ports & Buttons - So as you get ports & buttons on the laptop, you get them all here as well! Eg) There’s RJ-45, you get 4 USB 3.2 ports along with the ones on the laptop. You also get an HDMI port & you have a display port as well if you want to connect an external monitor. There’s a big SD card slot here which is mostly going to be used by gamers. Or by video editors, so you get the big SD card slot which is good. It’s also got a nifty stand, check it out. I like one thing, there’s 1 single cable to connect & the entire setup is ready! If you’re on the move, just take the cable out. So it’s very nice. So it’s like the best of both worlds (2in1). You get a laptop for portability & for heavy graphics & work, you’ll have the setup ready too.

Specifications - If you’re buying the ROG Flow X13, then it has an integrated GPU. But this one has RTX 3080 with 16GB VRAM. So get that much performance after connecting it! if you’re gaming on it & you have a high refresh rate monitor to connect to it. For 4K gaming, you get up to 80-90FPS after connecting it. Without the GPU, you'll have 60FPS. In fact, with 4K you’ll get only 20-30FPS. If you do FHD gaming, you’ll get about 60FPS. But with the GPU, the FHD gaming goes up to 150-160FPS, imagine the smoothness! So I was actually surprised with the performance of this mobile GPU. You get 16GB VRAM & RTX 3080. If I compare it with a PC, it gives an exact performance like RTX 3070. But this has 16GB RAM & the PC has 12GB RAM. If I compare it with a PC's 3080 graphic card, it costs up to Rs 1.8L. The GPU’s performance is near 3070. Which also costs you almost Rs 1.2-1.3L. This portable GPU with 3080 & 16GB RAM comes for Rs 1.4L. So you must be imagining that along with the laptop it’s expensive & will cost above Rs 2.8L! Then who should buy it? There are other laptops with dedicated graphics cards (RTX 3050/3060) & they cost more too. But imagine, this is the best of both worlds, with this you get that flexibility! If you want to do normal 1080p editing/play normal games then do it on the laptop you can carry it as well.  But if you want to edit in 4K/play heavy games in 4K, then connect the mobile GPU & you’re all set! So that’s what the cost is! In fact, according to me the ideal setup would be a big monitor with fast refresh rate, the mobile GPU & this laptop! You wouldn’t have to worry for the next few years as it’ll be future ready for sure! You also get thunderbolt based mobile GPUs, but it has disadvantages! They get too hot & are big in size. Their data transfer speeds are 40 Gbps. In this you get a data transfer speed of 63 Gbps! And that’s much faster too! To talk about thermals, it does get warm but it never goes out of control. We’re thinking about modular smartphones, but this looks like a modular setup for laptops! And I think that’s good! Yes it does come at a cost, but gives you a future proof setup! Friends this is a proprietary mobile GPU, so you only get a ROG Flow X13 connectivity & not any other, so keep that in mind. I would’ve liked to see 1 thing, the RGB lights, there’s a red light at the fan inside, but RGB would have been fun. If you’re interested in this product, Do check it out! In fact you can buy only a laptop or you can go for the combo (laptop + GPU) as well!