Redmi Buds 3 Pro coming with amazing features, specifications, price, reviews, launching date in India & more

The Redmi buds 3 pro all specifications revealed, so who are interested in premium true wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation but can't quite afford the best buds that Samsung and Apple have to offer at less than half the price of the galaxy buds pro and AirPods pro the Redmi buds 3 pro pack a hell of a lot of punch at a very reasonable price tag.

Battery - The Redmi buds 3 Pro can indeed be used with other smartphones. they can actually be used with two smartphones at one time or one smartphone and a laptop or tv. You do get a USB type a to type c charging cable within the box, of course, we have that USB type-c port at the bottom. it seems to be capped at 2.5 watts however and charging time takes around 2.5 hours the buds 3 Pro. also supports wireless charging, which means if you have a smartphone device that supports reverse wireless charging you can just pop it on the back of that device. and we get a 470mAh hour battery case and we do have 35mAh hour batteries within each individual, but when it comes to battery life on a single charge for both earbuds obviously at 35mAh can go all the way up to 6 hours. which is actually better than most premium flagship earbuds. and we also have a higher battery life with the included case of up to 28 hours, but the star of the show here is the 10-minute charge up within the case to get three hours of usage. even the most expensive earbuds around have to charge for 30 minutes or more to get the same three hours of usage. 

Specifications - Redmi Buds 3 do come with water resistance but unfortunately only IPX for water resistance. meaning it is only resistant to splashes, you can pair this with both devices Android and ios. you can see transparency and noise cancellation modes on the Redmi Buds application, you also get dual microphones over here to deduct 35dB of sound. which is impressive, to say the least within the app itself. we also have a couple of other features such as allowing it to use phone calls media audio and in-ear detection. you can even answer calls automatically through your buds. the Redmi buds 3 Pro does indeed have Bluetooth 5.2 technology, meaning that you can go just past around 10 meters of distance. we do also have touch gestures in order to use different things, such as playing and pausing going to the next song, or enabling active noise cancellation or transparency mode. 

The Redmi buds 3 Pro have so much going for them they have of course wireless charging fast wired charging 10 minutes 3-hour wattage charging 6 hours battery life out the case 28 hours. in the case of active noise cancellation transparency mode, they fit in pretty much all ears they have a nice soft touch, and of course, they also have touch gestures on the sides. they are half the price of what other competitors are asking for the same features packed into such a small tiny little case. which makes me happy to say I can definitely recommend these earbuds.

Price - This is coming with a very reasonable price about $60 in global market and In india about Rs 45,00.

Launch Date - The Redmi Buds 3 will be launch on September 9, 2021.