How to protect your smartphone from hackers in 2023?

There are several steps you can take to protect your smartphone from hackers:

1. Keep your phone software up-to-date: Make sure your phone's operating system and apps are always updated with the latest security patches.

2. Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication: Use a strong password for your phone, and enable two-factor authentication wherever possible. This will add an extra layer of security to your phone.

3. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks: Public Wi-Fi networks are often unsecured, making them an easy target for hackers. Avoid using them as much as possible, or use a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your data.

4. Be careful what you click: Don't click on suspicious links or download files from unknown sources. Hackers often use social engineering tactics to trick people into clicking on links that will compromise their devices.

5. Use anti-malware software: Install anti-malware software on your phone to protect against viruses and other types of malware.

6. Keep Bluetooth turned off when not in use: Hackers can use Bluetooth to access your phone and steal your data. Keep Bluetooth turned off when you're not using it to minimize this risk.

7. Don't jailbreak or root your phone: Jailbreaking or rooting your phone can remove important security features and make it easier for hackers to access your device.

By following these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of your smartphone being hacked.