Oppo Reno10 Series Launch Set for May 24: All You Need to Know Specifications

Oppo has officially announced the launch date for its highly anticipated Reno10 series, which is set to take place on May 24. Following leaked ads, Oppo confirmed the release date and provided some details about the upcoming lineup. The Reno10 series will consist of three models: the vanilla Reno10, Reno10 Pro with MariSilicon X, and Reno10 Pro+ featuring a periscope camera. The devices boast an oval-shaped camera island with three cameras, with the Pro+ model sporting a distinctive rectangle lens for advanced zoom capabilities. While specific details about the screen resolution are yet to be confirmed, the Reno10 series is expected to offer curved sides, similar to its predecessors. Memory configurations include options for 8/256 GB and 12/256 GB for the Reno10 and 16 GB RAM with a choice between 256 GB and 512 GB for the Pro versions. With its sleek design and exciting features, Oppo enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the global release of the Reno10 series, hoping for a quicker international launch compared to its predecessors.

Oppo Reno10 Series Specifications:

1. Three Model Lineup: The Oppo Reno10 series will comprise three models - the vanilla Reno10, Reno10 Pro with MariSilicon X, and Reno10 Pro+ with a periscope camera.

2. Oval-Shaped Camera Island: The camera setup on the Reno10 series features an oval-shaped island housing three cameras, with the bottom one designated as a portrait shooter. The Pro+ model stands out with a rectangle lens, which indicates advanced zoom capabilities.

3. Curved Display: Similar to the previous Reno series, the Reno10 lineup is expected to feature a curved display with sides that measure around 6.7 inches, providing an immersive viewing experience. A higher resolution is anticipated for the Pro variants, but official confirmation is awaited.

4. Memory Configurations: The Reno10 will be available with memory configurations of 8/256 GB or 12/256 GB. The Pro versions will offer 16 GB RAM with options for 256 GB and 512 GB storage.

5. Distinguishing Features: The design on the back of the Reno10 models remains consistent, with the small writing next to the portrait camera helping to differentiate between the different models. The Pro+ variant will reportedly feature a Purple colour option.

Conclusion: The Oppo Reno10 series is set to launch on May 24, bringing with it a lineup of highly anticipated smartphones. With distinctive camera setups, curved displays, and impressive memory configurations, Oppo fans are eagerly awaiting the release. While the international launch date for the Reno9 series is yet to be confirmed, users hope for a faster global release for the Reno10 series. With its exciting features and sleek design, the Reno10 series promises to capture the attention of smartphone enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates as the launch date approaches.