Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India (August 2023): Our Top 5 Picks, Which One Is Right for You?

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 in India (August 2023): Our Top 5 Picks, Which One Is Right for You?

In this article, we will explore some of the best smartwatches available under 2000 rupees in the market. These smartwatches offer a range of features, including Bluetooth calling, fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more. We will provide an unbiased review of each product, highlighting their specifications and customer reviews. So, if you're looking for an affordable and feature-packed smartwatch, keep reading to find your perfect match.

1. Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro:

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro boasts a 1.39" TFT Color Full Touch Screen with a 240*240 Pixel High Resolution, providing a sleek look with a peak brightness of 280 NITS. It offers up to 7 days of battery life without Bluetooth calling and approximately 4 days with Bluetooth calling. The metal body is durable and anti-corrosive, giving it a gloss finish. With 120+ sports modes, it effectively tracks various activities, including calories and steps. The AI Voice Assistant allows you to interact with Siri/Google, and you can receive smartphone notifications on the watch. The smartwatch is priced at 1599 rupees and holds a commendable 4.2-star rating from customers.
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro
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2. Fastrack Revoltt FS1:

The Fastrack Revoltt FS1 features a large 1.83" UltraVU Display with 500 nits brightness and a resolution of 240*284. Its SingleSync BT Calling and AI Voice Assistant ensure seamless connectivity and ease of use. The smartwatch offers up to 7 days of battery life and provides 110+ sports modes, making it ideal for fitness enthusiasts. With 24*7 HRM, SpO2 monitoring, and IP68 water resistance, it caters to your health needs. The Fastrack Reflex World App takes the user experience to the next level, elevating the overall smartwatch experience. Priced at 1499 rupees, this smartwatch holds a solid 4-star rating.
Fastrack Revoltt FS1
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3. Boat Wave Call:

The Boat Wave Call comes with a 1.69” HD Display featuring 550 NITS & 70% Color Gamut. It excels in Bluetooth calling with a built-in speaker and dial pad, allowing you to save up to 10 contacts. The smartwatch supports 150+ watch faces and offers various sports modes for tracking activities. While the HR and SpO2 readings are not for medical usage, it still provides valuable health insights. With IP68 water resistance, you can wear it during workouts without worry. The Boat Wave Call is priced at 1299 rupees and has received a 3.9-star rating.
Boat Wave Call
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4. Noise Twist:

The Noise Twist sports a 1.38” TFT display with a stylish metallic finish and Tru SyncTM for advanced calling. Its Noise Buzz feature allows call management from the wrist, and you can monitor your health with the Noise Health SuiteTM. With 100+ sports modes, up to 7 days of battery life, and IP68 water resistance, it's a reliable companion for your active lifestyle. The smartwatch also offers a wide range of watch faces and productivity tools. Priced at 1499 rupees, it has garnered a 4-star rating.
Noise Twist
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5. BeatXP Marv Neo:

The BeatXP Marv Neo boasts a stunning 1.85” HD Display with 560 nits peak brightness, exuding elegance and brilliance. It promises at least 7 days of battery life and supports Bluetooth calling. The AI Voice Assistance allows for voice commands, and the in-built speaker and microphone enhance the calling experience. With its impressive features and a price of 1399 rupees, it holds a 4.1-star rating.
BeatXP Marv Neo
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In conclusion, the smartwatches listed above offer an array of features and excellent value for their price. Whether you're interested in fitness tracking, Bluetooth calling, or health monitoring, there's a smartwatch to suit your needs. Before making a decision, consider the specifications, features, and customer reviews to find the perfect match for your lifestyle. With these affordable options, you can enjoy the convenience and functionality of a smartwatch without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!


Q: What are the key features of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro smartwatch?
The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro offers a 1.39 TFT Color Full Touch Screen, 120+ sports modes, AI Voice Assistant, SpO2 and heart rate monitoring, and smartphone notifications.

Q: Does Fastrack Revoltt FS1 support Bluetooth calling?
Yes, Fastrack Revoltt FS1 features SingleSync Bluetooth Calling for easy phone call handling.

Q: What health monitoring tools does Boat Wave Call offer?
Boat Wave Call includes HR, SpO2, and fitness tracking features for better health monitoring.

Q: What is the battery life of the Noise Twist smartwatch?
The Noise Twist offers up to 7 days of battery life and approximately 2 days with enabled calling.

Q: Does BeatXP Marv Neo have AI Voice Assistance?
Yes, BeatXP Marv Neo comes with AI Voice Assistance for executing tasks through voice commands.

Q: Can I control music with the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro smartwatch?
The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro allows music control but does not support music storage.

Q: Does the Fastrack Revoltt FS1 smartwatch have an IP rating?
Yes, Fastrack Revoltt FS1 is IP68 water-resistant, protecting against splashes and dust.

Q: How many watch faces are available on the Boat Wave Call smartwatch?
The Boat Wave Call offers 150+ cloud watch faces for a versatile look.

Q: Is the Noise Twist smartwatch compatible with Tru SyncTM technology?
Yes, Noise Twist features Tru SyncTM for stable connectivity during calls.

Q: Does BeatXP Marv Neo have a bright display?
Yes, BeatXP Marv Neo boasts a radiant 1.85" HD display with 560 nits peak brightness.

Q: How long does the battery last on the Fastrack Revoltt FS1?
The Fastrack Revoltt FS1 offers up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge.

Q: Does the Boat Wave Call smartwatch have an IP rating for water resistance?
Yes, the Boat Wave Call has an IP68 water resistance rating, making it sweat and splash-resistant.

Q: What health monitoring tools does the Noise Twist smartwatch offer?
The Noise Twist includes a Blood oxygen monitor, Sleep monitor, 24x7 heart rate monitor, Stress measurement, and Breathe practice.

Q: How long does the BeatXP Marv Neo take to fully charge?
The BeatXP Marv Neo requires 2 hours for a full charge.

Q: Can I control music on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro?
No, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro allows music control but does not have the option to store music.

Q: Does the Fastrack Reflex World App provide quick replies on the smartwatch?
Yes, the Fastrack Reflex World App enables quick replies for added convenience.

Q: Is the Noise Twist compatible with various sports activities?
Yes, the Noise Twist supports 100+ sports modes, catering to various fitness routines.

Q: Does the BeatXP Marv Neo have an in-built speaker for calls?
Yes, the BeatXP Marv Neo has an in-built speaker and microphone for Bluetooth calling.