Google Pixel 9 Series Leak: New Designs, XL Variants, and Possible Foldable Phone Revealed

Leaked live images have surfaced online, offering a glimpse of Google's upcoming Pixel 9 smartphone lineup. The leak, courtesy of German website Rozetked, showcases what could be four new Pixel phones: Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 XL, and a rumor-mill Pixel 9 Fold. While Google might unveil details during its I/O developer conference today, these leaked images provide an enticing first look.

Fresh Design with New Camera Bump:

Pixel 9 series
Image via: Rozetked - Pixel 9 series (Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 XL)
The leaked images provide a clear view of the redesigned rear camera module. It appears more contained compared to the Pixel 8 series, where the camera setup extended across the phone's width. The material choices also seem to differ between the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. The Pixel 9 boasts a glossy finish on both the metal frame and glass back, while the Pixel 9 Pro appears to sport a more sophisticated matte finish.

Camera and Display Variations:

The leak suggests a potential camera differentiation between the two models. The Pixel 9 Pro might feature a triple-camera setup, hinting at advanced camera capabilities, whereas the Pixel 9 might settle for a dual-camera system. While the leaked images don't offer a frontal view, it's suggested that the Pixel 9 might have thicker bezels surrounding the display compared to the slimmer bezels expected on the Pixel 9 Pro.

Expected Specifications:

Pixel 9 Pro XL size compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max
Image via: Rozetked - (Pixel 9 Pro XL size compared to iPhone 15 Pro Max)
The leaked information also sheds light on potential specifications for the Pixel 9 series. The Pixel 9 (codenamed Tokay) is rumored to come equipped with a 6.24-inch 120Hz display, the latest Tensor G4 processor, and a healthy 12GB of RAM. Stepping up the game, the Pixel 9 Pro (codenamed Caiman) and Pixel 9 Pro XL (codenamed Komodo) could boast larger displays – 6.34-inch and 6.73-inch respectively – all featuring a smooth 120Hz refresh rate. These Pro models might also pack a powerful punch with 16GB of RAM and a potentially impressive 50MP main camera sensor.

Possible Pixel 9 Fold on the Horizon:

The leak adds fuel to the rumors of a foldable Pixel phone – the Pixel 9 Fold. However, Rozetked offers no concrete evidence to support this claim, so it's best to approach this information with caution.

Looking Ahead:

With Google's I/O developer conference happening today, we might get official confirmation on the Pixel 9 series. The leaked images have provided valuable insights into the potential design changes, camera configurations, and display specifications. While the rumored Pixel 9 Fold remains unconfirmed, the prospect of a foldable Pixel phone is certainly intriguing. Stay tuned for further updates as Google potentially unveils its latest smartphone lineup.