Nothing Phone 2 vs Pixel 7A Camera: Which is Better?

Nothing Phone 2 vs Pixel 7A Camera: Which is Better?

In this article, we will conduct a thorough head-to-head camera comparison between the Google Pixel 7A and the Nothing Phone 2. Both phones offer distinct features and are priced competitively, making them appealing choices in various markets. The Google Pixel series is renowned for its reliable camera experience, while Nothing's previous phone, the Nothing Phone 1, also gained recognition for its impressive camera capabilities at an affordable price. Now, with the Nothing Phone 2 boasting significant upgrades, we will assess how it stacks up against the Pixel 7A.

Camera Specifications:

The Google Pixel 7A comes equipped with a new 64-megapixel main sensor, complemented by a 30-megapixel Ultra Wide camera and a 13-megapixel selfie camera. In contrast, the Nothing Phone 2 features a flagship 50-megapixel Sony IMX 890 primary camera and a 50-megapixel JN1 Ultra Wide sensor. For selfies, the Nothing Phone 2 sports an improved 32-megapixel camera. Notably, the Pixel 7A offers 4K recording options for its selfie camera, a feature missing on the Nothing Phone 2.

Image Processing Philosophy:

One of the key differences between the two phones lies in their image processing philosophy. The Pixel 7A leans towards natural-looking results with good colors and dynamic range. On the other hand, Nothing's approach involves boosted colors and contrast, resulting in visually appealing images straight out of the camera. This difference offers users an interesting choice, as some may prefer the convenience of vibrant images without the need for editing, while others may value more realistic and natural results.

Daytime Photos:

In well-lit conditions, both phones perform admirably, with the Pixel 7A excelling in maintaining dynamic range and fine details. However, the Nothing Phone 2's contrasty processing can add life to certain images, making them instantly social-media-ready. The preference here depends on individual tastes and the intended use of the photos.

Indoor Photos:

The Pixel 7A stands out in indoor lighting conditions, delivering sharper images with better details and balanced contrast. In comparison, the Nothing Phone 2's processing appears a bit soft, which might not be to everyone's liking.

Ultra Wide Photos:

The Pixel 7A impresses with consistent results in its Ultra Wide shots, aligning well with its primary camera's output. Conversely, the Nothing Phone 2 can produce decent Ultra Wide shots in good lighting conditions, but its contrast-heavy approach can sometimes affect image details in the corners and shadows.

Nighttime Photos:

When it comes to nighttime shots, the Nothing Phone 2 shines with accurate exposure levels that preserve the essence of low-light photography. The Pixel 7A, while still capable, tends to increase brightness, resulting in a less natural appearance. The warmer tone produced by the Nothing Phone 2 adds an aesthetic touch to the night shots. However, the auto night mode on the Nothing Phone 2 can be inconsistent, sometimes leading to underexposed or overexposed shots.


For portraits, the Pixel 7A emerges as the clear winner, providing impeccable subject focus and retaining the subject's natural skin tone. While the Nothing Phone 2's recent update introduced a 2x mode for portraits, it still doesn't quite match the Pixel's prowess in this area.


In the realm of selfies, the Nothing Phone 2 takes the lead with its pleasing, bright, and natural-looking images. The Pixel 7A's contrast-heavy approach can make some selfies appear less appealing.


Both phones offer 4K 60fps video recording from their main cameras, with the Nothing Phone 2 offering the additional option of 4K 60fps from its Ultra Wide camera. While both phones provide steady videos, the Pixel 7A stands out with better color processing and dynamic range.


In conclusion, the Google Pixel 7A and the Nothing Phone 2 each have their strengths and weaknesses. The Pixel 7A boasts a more consistent and dependable camera performance, making it an excellent choice for both photos and videos. On the other hand, the Nothing Phone 2's distinct image processing philosophy delivers visually appealing images, though it may not always match the natural look of the Pixel 7A. As both phones receive software updates, the Nothing Phone 2 has the potential to further improve its camera capabilities and build on its reputation as a reliable camera phone. Users should consider their preferences and shooting styles to make the best choice between these two compelling options.
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Q: What are the key camera specifications of Google Pixel 7A and Nothing Phone 2?
Google Pixel 7A - 64MP main, 30MP ultra-wide, 13MP selfie; Nothing Phone 2 - 50MP main, 50MP ultra-wide, 32MP selfie.

Q: Which phone produces more natural-looking daytime photos?
Google Pixel 7A delivers close-to-natural results, while Nothing Phone 2 enhances colors and contrast.

Q: In challenging conditions, which phone maintains better dynamic range?
Pixel 7A handles challenging backgrounds better than Nothing Phone 2.

Q: Which phone performs better in indoor lighting conditions?
Pixel 7A provides sharper details and balanced contrast indoors.

Q: Does the Pixel 7A have an edge in ultra-wide angle shots?
Yes, Pixel 7A excels with consistent and reliable ultra-wide photos.

Q: How does the Nothing Phone 2 fare in low-light photography?
Nothing Phone 2 captures beautiful and sharp low-light images.

Q: Which phone is better for portraits?
Google Pixel 7A offers impeccable computational photography for portraits.

Q: Is the Nothing Phone 2's 2x portrait mode comparable to Pixel 7A's performance?
Pixel 7A's portrait mode outperforms the Nothing Phone 2's 2x mode.

Q: Which phone captures better selfies?
Nothing Phone 2 produces brighter and more appealing selfies.

Q: How do the video capabilities of the two phones compare?
Pixel 7A has slightly better video colors, while Nothing Phone 2 excels in the audio pickup and low-light noise reduction.

Q: Which phone is recommended for consistent camera performance?
Google Pixel 7A is more dependable for overall camera performance.

Q: Can the Nothing Phone 2 improve its camera performance through future updates?
Yes, software updates may enhance Nothing Phone 2's camera capabilities.

Q: Which phone is suitable for users who prefer enhanced colors and contrast?
The Nothing Phone 2's contrasty output appeals to users seeking vibrant images.

Q: Is the Pixel 7A a reliable choice for photography and video?
Yes, Pixel 7A is a top choice for reliable photography and video capabilities.

Q: Is the Nothing Phone 2 a commendable option for photography enthusiasts?
Yes, the Nothing Phone 2 offers potential and can cater to photography enthusiasts.