Samsung Guru Music 2 Review: A Basic Phone with Excellent Battery Life and Clear Call Quality, Keypad Mobile

Samsung Guru Music 2

The Samsung Guru Music 2 is a simple yet stylish basic phone designed for those seeking a distraction-free experience. With its impressive battery life, enhanced call clarity, and dedicated music features, this device caters to music enthusiasts who value functionality and reliability over smartphone complexities. In this article, we will delve into the specifications, features, and user reviews of the Samsung Guru Music 2, highlighting its key strengths and areas for improvement.

Specifications and Features:

The Samsung Guru Music 2 boasts a large 5.08cm (2) screen with a vibrant display, elevating your viewing experience. Its sleek design not only adds an attractive aesthetic appeal but also ensures ease of use. With a 16GB expandable memory, you have ample space to store up to 3,000 songs, enabling you to enjoy your favourite playlists throughout the day. The device also features a dedicated play-pause button, an advanced MP3 player, and powerful loudspeakers, allowing you to start a party anytime, anywhere.

The Guru Music 2 operates on a basic phone operating system and supports 2G cellular technology, ensuring compatibility with various carriers. Additionally, it comes with an FM radio, enabling you to tune in to your favourite stations. The 2-inch (5.1 centimetres) QQVGA display offers a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, providing a satisfactory visual experience. The phone offers dual SIM (GSM+GSM) capability, allowing you to manage two phone numbers simultaneously.

The device is powered by an 800mAH lithium-ion battery, offering an impressive talk time of up to 11 hours. This exceptional battery backup of 4-5 days (depending on usage) is one of the standout features of the Guru Music 2. Furthermore, Samsung provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty for the device and a 6-month warranty for in-box accessories, including batteries, from the date of purchase.

Pros and Cons:

1. Excellent battery backup, lasting 4-5 days on a single charge.
2. Big screen size enhances the visual experience.
3. Lock screen notifications for messages and missed calls.
4. Loudspeakers for immersive music playback.
5. Superb call clarity for clear communication.

1. Inability to minimize the music player while performing other tasks.
2. Limited display resolution may not provide the best visual quality.
3. Lack of front and rear cameras.
Samsung Guru Music 2
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User Review:

Upon analyzing user reviews, it becomes evident that the Samsung Guru Music 2 has garnered positive feedback for its core functionalities. One of the standout features is its exceptional battery backup, which lasts an impressive 4-5 days on average, and some users even reported up to 10 days of battery life. This extended battery performance ensures uninterrupted usage, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize long-lasting power.

The device's big screen contributes to its aesthetic appeal while enhancing the overall user experience. Users appreciate the convenience of having a message and missed call notifications displayed on the lock screen, allowing quick access to essential information. The loudspeakers are praised for their quality, delivering clear and vibrant sound, which adds to the enjoyment of music playback.

However, a notable drawback of the Samsung Guru Music 2 is the absence of a feature that allows users to minimize the music player while performing other tasks. This limitation restricts multitasking and may be seen as a missed opportunity to further enhance the user experience.


In conclusion, the Samsung Guru Music 2 presents itself as a reliable and user-friendly basic phone, particularly appealing to music enthusiasts seeking a distraction-free device. With its extended battery life, clear call quality, and dedicated music features, it fulfils its purpose effectively. The device's sleek design and large screen add to its attractiveness, while the intuitive interface simplifies usability.

While the absence of a music player minimizing feature may be seen as a drawback, it does not significantly diminish the overall appeal of the Samsung Guru Music 2. For those in search of a basic phone that excels in battery life and calls clarity, this device proves to be a compelling choice.