Best Smartwatch Under 1500 in Amazon Freedom and Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale

Best Smartwatch Under 1500 in Amazon Freedom and Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale

As the much-awaited Amazon Freedom Sale and Flipkart Big Saving Days are around the corner, we've compiled a list of the best smartwatches under 1500 rupees that you can snag at incredible prices. This article is designed to provide you with unbiased recommendations, free from any brand influence. By using our affiliate links, you support us in maintaining our unbiased reviews and recommendations. Let's dive into the world of affordable yet feature-rich smartwatches!

1. Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro: 

First up is the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro, a remarkable Bluetooth calling smartwatch with a 1.39" TFT color full touch screen. Boasting a 240*240 pixel high resolution and a sleek metal body, this watch is a stylish companion for your daily activities. With over 120 sports modes, it effectively tracks your calories, steps, and more, making it your ideal fitness partner. The AI Voice Assistant effortlessly wakes up Siri or Google with a single tap, helping you manage tasks on the go.
Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro
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Keep an eye on your health with SpO2 and heart rate monitoring, ensuring a comprehensive view of your well-being. The watch's battery life is impressive, lasting up to 7 days (without Bluetooth calling) and around 4 days with Bluetooth calling. Enjoy gaming on your wrist, control your music, and stay punctual with smartphone notifications, all at a current price of just 1497 rupees.

2. Fastrack Revoltt FR1: 

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Fastrack Revoltt FR1. Its 1.39" Super UltraVU Display offers a stunning 360x360 pixel resolution and 550 Nits brightness, ensuring optimal visibility even under direct sunlight. The advanced chipset enables SingleSync BT Calling with storage for 100 favourite contacts, making communication a breeze.
Fastrack Revoltt FR1
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With multiple sports modes, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, and stress management features, this smartwatch caters to your holistic well-being. The split screen functionality enhances your user experience, and the up to 5-day battery life ensures uninterrupted usage. At a current price of 1499 rupees, the Fastrack Revoltt FR1 is a steal.

3. NoiseFit Twist:

The NoiseFit Twist boasts a 1.38” TFT display with a vibrant round screen and a stylish metallic finish. Tru SyncTM technology ensures hassle-free pairing, stable connectivity, and lower battery consumption, enhancing your calling experience. Manage calls, access call logs, and save favourite contacts directly from your wrist with Noise Buzz.
NoiseFit Twist
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This smartwatch offers comprehensive health monitoring tools, including blood oxygen, sleep, heart rate, stress measurement, and even a female cycle tracker. Choose from over 100 sports modes to personalize your fitness routine. With up to 7 days of battery life, 100+ watch faces, and an IP68 water-resistant rating, the NoiseFit Twist is a feature-packed companion at a current price of 1399 rupees.

In conclusion, the Amazon Freedom Sale and Flipkart Big Saving Days present a golden opportunity to acquire these remarkable smartwatches under 1500 rupees. These budget-friendly options offer an array of features, ensuring you stay connected, monitor your health, and elevate your fitness game – all without breaking the bank. Hurry and take advantage of these unbeatable prices to enhance your daily life with the power of smart technology.


Q: What are the best smartwatches under 1500 rupees in the Amazon Freedom Sale and Flipkart Big Saving Days?
Check out the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro, Fastrack Revoltt FR1, and NoiseFit Twist for top-notch options.

Q: What features does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro offer?
The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro offers a 1.39" TFT color display, 120+ sports modes, SpO2 monitoring, AI voice assistant, and smartphone notifications.

Q: Can I control music on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro?
Yes, you can control music, but the watch doesn't store music; it's for music playback control.

Q: What's unique about the Fastrack Revoltt FR1?
The Fastrack Revoltt FR1 features a Super UltraVU Display, advanced BT calling, multiple sports modes, and up to 5-day battery life.

Q: What health features does the NoiseFit Twist offer?
The NoiseFit Twist includes blood oxygen monitoring, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, stress measurement, and a female cycle tracker.

Q: Can I make calls directly from the NoiseFit Twist?
Yes, NoiseFit Twist supports call management, call logs, and quick access to favourite contacts.

Q: Which smartwatch has the longest battery life among the three?
The NoiseFit Twist boasts up to 7 days of battery life for extended usage.

Q: Are these smartwatches water-resistant?
Yes, the NoiseFit Twist has an IP68 water-resistant rating for protection against splashes and moisture.

Q: Can I customize watch faces on these smartwatches?
Yes, both the NoiseFit Twist and the Fastrack Revoltt FR1 offer a variety of watch face options.

Q: Are these smartwatches suitable for gaming?
The Fire-Boltt Phoenix Pro allows gaming on the wrist for entertainment on the go.