Casio Vintage Watch Series A158W Review: A Classic Timepiece with a Vintage Charm

asio Vintage Series Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch A-158WA-1Q - A Classic Beauty with Vintage Charm

The Casio Vintage Series Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch A-158WA-1Q exudes a timeless appeal with its retro design and modern functionalities. This classic timepiece boasts a grey digital dial enclosed in a durable stainless steel case with a chrome-plated bezel. The watch's vintage charm is complemented by a micro-light feature, making it suitable for both day and night use. In this honest review, we will explore its features, performance, and overall value for money.

Design and Build:

The Casio Vintage watch features a rectangular grey dial protected by a mineral glass, ensuring its clarity and resilience against scratches. The stainless steel case and bezel offer a sturdy build, while the silver stainless steel band adds a touch of sophistication. However, some users have reported that the straps may show signs of wear after extended use.

Features and Functionality:

This timepiece is equipped with a reliable quartz movement and a digital display, allowing for accurate timekeeping. The micro-light feature illuminates the dial at the click of a button, ensuring easy visibility in dimly lit environments.

The 1/100-second stopwatch with a measuring capacity of 59'59.99" provides precise time recording for various activities. The net time, split time, and 1st-2nd place time modes make it a versatile companion for sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Additionally, the watch comes with a daily alarm and hourly time signal, ensuring you stay punctual throughout the day. The auto-calendar feature accommodates leap years and offers a choice between the 12-hour and 24-hour time format.

Water Resistance and Clasp:

The Casio Vintage watch is water-resistant, offering protection from splashes and light rain. However, it is not suitable for underwater activities. The fold-over clasp ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while the adjustable buckle allows for easy customization according to individual preferences.

User Experience:

Some users have expressed concerns about the watch's size, stating it may appear small for those accustomed to larger timepieces. However, others appreciate its vintage appeal and compare it to iconic HMT and Sonata analog watches. The watch has received praise for its good visibility and warranty coverage, providing peace of mind to customers.
Casio Vintage Watch Series A158W
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In conclusion, the Casio Vintage Series Digital Grey Dial Men's Watch A-158WA-1Q blends classic aesthetics with modern functionality. It's retro design and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for those seeking a timepiece with a vintage vibe. Despite a few concerns about strap wear and size, it has been well-received by many users. The watch's affordability, water resistance, and LED micro-light add to its overall appeal.

As with any purchase, personal preferences and needs will dictate whether this watch is the right fit for you. For those in search of a unique and nostalgic timepiece that stands out from generic options, the Casio Vintage watch is a valuable addition to any collection. Remember, quality matters, and every rupee spent on this timepiece counts, making it a true value-for-money purchase.


Q: What are the key features of the Casio Vintage Series A-158WA watch?
The Casio Vintage Series A-158WA watch features a grey digital dial, stainless steel case and band, quartz movement, micro-light, stopwatch, water resistance, and more.

Q: Is the Casio A-158WA water-resistant?
Yes, the Casio A-158WA is water-resistant, providing protection against splashes and light rain.

Q: How does the micro-light feature work on the watch?
The micro-light illuminates the watch's dial at the press of a button, ensuring easy visibility in low-light conditions.

Q: Can I use the stopwatch on the Casio A-158WA for sports activities?
Yes, the 1/100-second stopwatch with net time, split time, and 1st-2nd place time modes is ideal for sports and timekeeping activities.

Q: What is the size of the Casio A-158WA watch?
The Casio A-158WA has a case diameter of 32 millimeters and measures 36.8×33.2×8.2mm.

Q: Is the watch suitable for individuals with larger wrists?
The watch has a small dial size, which may not be suitable for individuals with larger wrists.

Q: Does the Casio A-158WA come with a warranty?
Yes, Casio offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

Q: Can the watch be worn while swimming or diving?
The Casio A-158WA is water-resistant, but it is not designed for underwater activities such as swimming or diving.

Q: How long is the approximate battery life of the watch?
The watch's battery life is approximately 7 years on a CR2016 battery.

Q: Can the Casio A-158WA be a good gift for special occasions?
Yes, the classic and vintage design of the watch makes it an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.