Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED Edition Review: Smartwatch With Bluetooth calling, Launched in India

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED

Fire-Boltt has once again managed to capture the attention of consumers with its latest offering - the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch. Priced at an astonishingly accessible Rs. 2,199, this cutting-edge device stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality products without breaking the bank. With its impressive 1.43-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling capability, and an array of health monitoring features, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED emerges as a strong contender in the smartwatch market.

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED Specifications:

Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED

Specifications Features
Display 1.43-inch AMOLED, 466x466 pixels, 700 nits peak brightness
Connectivity Bluetooth calling, Voice Assistant support (Siri, OK Google)
Health Monitoring Heart rate monitoring, Sleep tracking, Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring
Sports Modes Over 110 sports modes
Customization Customizable watch faces
Battery Life ‎5 Days
Notifications Smart notifications for calls and messages
Additional Features Music and camera control, Inbuilt games, Weather updates
Design Round display, Rotating crown, Black, Gold, Grey color options
Color Options Black, Gold, and Grey
Price Rs. 2,199
Available on 

Design & Display:

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch not only impresses with its features but also with its design. The round dial, paired with a rotating crown, adds a touch of elegance to the device. The choice of colors - Black, Gold, and Grey - ensures that users can pick a variant that resonates with their personal style.

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED boasts a striking 1.43-inch AMOLED display that commands attention. With a resolution of 466x466 pixels and a peak brightness of 700 nits, this vibrant display is a feast for the eyes. Whether you're viewing your notifications, exploring the watch's features, or simply checking the time, the display ensures clarity and vividness, even under challenging lighting conditions.

Bluetooth Calling and Connectivity:

One of the standout features of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED is its Bluetooth calling capability. This functionality allows users to make and receive phone calls directly from the watch when connected to their smartphones. With an inbuilt microphone and speaker, the watch ensures that your calls are clear and uninterrupted, providing a convenient hands-free experience.

Health Monitoring:

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED isn't just a timekeeping accessory; it's a comprehensive health companion. Equipped with a heart rate sensor, sleep monitor, and SpO2 level monitor, this smartwatch puts your health at the forefront. Whether you're tracking your heart rate during a workout, monitoring your sleep patterns, or keeping an eye on your blood oxygen saturation levels, this device offers real-time insights into your well-being.

Sports Modes:

Fitness enthusiasts will find a valuable ally in the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED. With support for over 110 sports modes, ranging from running and swimming to yoga and dancing, this smartwatch is primed to cater to a wide range of fitness routines. It meticulously tracks your performance, allowing you to analyze and improve your workouts with precision.

Aesthetic Watch Faces:

Personalization takes center stage with the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED's assortment of customizable watch faces. From classic designs to modern aesthetics, users can select a watch face that resonates with their style and preferences. This feature ensures that the smartwatch seamlessly transitions from a fitness accessory to a fashion statement.

Voice Assistance Support:

Fire-Boltt acknowledges the importance of seamless integration with digital assistants. The Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch offers support for Siri and OK Google, enabling users to effortlessly interact with their devices through voice commands. This capability adds a layer of convenience that aligns with the fast-paced modern lifestyle.

Battery Life and Smart Notifications:

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED is designed to keep up with your busy schedule. Its robust battery life ensures that you can rely on the device throughout the day without constant charging interruptions. Moreover, the smart notifications feature allows users to mirror their call and message alerts from their connected smartphones, ensuring that you stay informed and connected without the need to check your phone constantly.

Additional Features:

The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED goes beyond the expected with a range of additional features. Remote camera controls, weather updates, alarm settings, and music control contribute to its multifunctional nature. The inclusion of inbuilt games enhances the entertainment quotient, providing a well-rounded experience.

Pricing and Availability:

What truly sets the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED apart is its incredible affordability. Priced at Rs. 2,199, this smartwatch brings a host of premium features within reach of a broader audience. The watch is available for purchase on the official Fire-Boltt website as well as This competitive pricing strategy aligns with Fire-Boltt's commitment to democratizing cutting-edge technology.
Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED
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In the realm of affordable smartwatches, the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED stands as a shining example of innovation and accessibility. With its captivating AMOLED display, versatile health monitoring features, and seamless connectivity options, this smartwatch transcends its price point. Fire-Boltt has once again demonstrated its prowess in delivering technology that enhances lives without burdening wallets. As the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch continues to make waves in the market, it undoubtedly marks a significant milestone in the evolution of wearable technology.


Q: What is the price of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
The Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch is priced at Rs. 2,199.

Q: Where can I buy the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
You can purchase the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch on the official Fire-Boltt website and

Q: What are the features of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
The features include a 1.43-inch AMOLED display, Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, SpO2 level monitoring, over 110 sports modes, & more.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED support Bluetooth calling?
Yes, the smartwatch supports Bluetooth calling, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from the watch when connected to your smartphone.

Q: What health monitoring features does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED offer?
The smartwatch offers health monitoring features such as heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring.

Q: Can I customize the watch faces on the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
Yes, the smartwatch offers a variety of customizable watch faces to choose from, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your watch.

Q: Is the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED compatible with voice assistants like Siri and OK Google?
Yes, the smartwatch supports voice assistants like Siri and OK Google for convenient voice commands and interactions.

Q: What is the battery life of the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
The smartwatch is claimed to provide strong battery life, ensuring it lasts throughout your day.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED display smart notifications?
Yes, the smartwatch displays smart notifications for calls and messages from your connected smartphone.

Q: Can I control music and camera functions using the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
Yes, the smartwatch offers control over music playback and camera functions, enhancing your overall experience.

Q: What color options are available for the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch?
The smartwatch is available in Black, Gold, and Grey color options.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED support tracking for various sports activities?
Yes, the smartwatch supports tracking for over 110 sports modes, catering to a wide range of physical activities.

Q: Can I use the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED to monitor my sleep patterns?
Yes, the smartwatch includes a sleep monitoring feature that provides insights into your sleep patterns.

Q: How do I pair the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED with my smartphone?
You can pair the smartwatch with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enable features like Bluetooth calling and notifications.

Q: Is the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED water-resistant?
The smartwatch's water-resistance level is not specified in the provided information. Please refer to the official documentation for details.

Q: When was the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch launched in India?
The smartwatch was launched in India on August 17.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch come with inbuilt games?
Yes, the smartwatch offers inbuilt games, adding an element of entertainment to its features.

Q: Does the Fire-Boltt Phoenix AMOLED smartwatch have a rotating crown?
Yes, the smartwatch features a rotating crown that adds to its functional and aesthetic appeal.