iPhone SE 4 Leaks: iPhone 14-Like Design, Face ID, USB Type-C, and Action Button

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Apple's upcoming devices often capture the imagination of enthusiasts and experts alike. The recent buzz around the iPhone SE 4, the presumed successor to the iPhone SE (2022), has garnered attention with whispers of groundbreaking features. Notably, this new iteration is rumored to showcase a design reminiscent of the iPhone 14, marking a departure from its predecessors. In this article, we'll delve into the intriguing leaks surrounding the iPhone SE 4, highlighting features like USB Type-C, Face ID integration, and a novel Action button that could redefine user interactions.

iPhone SE 4 Specifications:

Feature Specification
Design Similar to iPhone 14
Charging Port USB Type-C
Biometric Face ID
Rear Camera Single Camera
Action Button Customizable for tasks and apps


The iPhone SE 4 is generating excitement by potentially embracing the aesthetics of the iPhone 14, a device that made its debut the previous year. If these rumors hold true, the iPhone SE 4 could signal the advent of the SE series embracing Apple's notch-based display design. While past models of the SE series have showcased a single rear camera, sources suggest this trend will continue, maintaining a balance between functionality and simplicity.

USB Type-C Port:

An intriguing revelation in the iPhone SE 4 saga is the potential integration of a USB Type-C port. Apple has already confirmed its intention to transition its future iPhone models from the proprietary Lightning port to the versatile USB Type-C. This move is expected to be initiated with the iPhone 15 series launch. The iPhone SE 4, according to reliable tipster Unknownz21, could make history as the first SE-series smartphone to adopt this modern USB port, marking a significant step forward in terms of connectivity and universality.

Touch ID & Face ID:

Speculations surrounding the iPhone SE 4's biometric authentication have caught the attention of tech enthusiasts. While earlier reports hinted at the inclusion of a Touch ID sensor, new leaks suggest that Apple might opt for Face ID integration instead. This would mirror the shift seen in the first- and second-generation iPhone SE models, which featured a front-mounted fingerprint sensor that doubled as a home button. The potential integration of Face ID underscores Apple's commitment to advancing security and user convenience through cutting-edge biometric technology.

Action Button:

One of the most compelling and novel aspects of the upcoming iPhone SE 4 is the possibility of an Action button. This feature is reminiscent of the "Action" button that made its debut on the Apple Watch Ultra last year. This button is anticipated to be customizable, allowing users to assign specific functions, launch applications, and access accessibility features with a single press. The iPhone 15 Pro is also expected to feature this innovative button. Interestingly, tipster Unknownz21 suggests that the iPhone SE 4 might also adopt this button, potentially replacing the iconic mute switch that has become a hallmark of existing iPhone models.

Apple has a history of innovation and evolution, often redefining industry norms. The iPhone SE 4, if the leaks prove accurate, could be another testament to this trend. The proposed combination of Face ID technology, a USB Type-C port, and the Action button showcases Apple's commitment to offering a seamless and engaging user experience. By incorporating these features, the iPhone SE 4 could bridge the gap between the beloved design language of the iPhone 14 and the desire for enhanced functionality and convenience.


As the anticipation for the iPhone SE 4 builds, leaks and rumors continue to spark conversations and debates among technology enthusiasts. The prospect of a design inspired by the iPhone 14, coupled with the integration of Face ID, a USB Type-C port, and an innovative Action button, paints an exciting picture of what Apple might have in store for its next SE-series offering. While leaks provide tantalizing insights, it's essential to approach them with cautious optimism, as Apple's official announcements remain the ultimate source of truth. As we await further information, the iPhone SE 4's potential to combine the best of both aesthetics and technology is undeniably intriguing, showcasing Apple's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Q: What are the specifications of the iPhone SE 4?
The iPhone SE 4 is rumored to feature a USB Type-C port, Face ID, and an innovative Action button.

Q: Is the iPhone SE 4's design inspired by the iPhone 14?
Yes, leaks suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will have a design similar to the iPhone 14, potentially featuring Apple's notch-based display.

Q: Will the iPhone SE 4 have a single rear camera setup?
Yes, like its predecessors, the iPhone SE 4 is expected to feature a single rear camera.

Q: What's changing in terms of the charging port?
The iPhone SE 4 might adopt the modern USB Type-C port, departing from the traditional Lightning port.

Q: Could the iPhone SE 4 feature Face ID?
Yes, leaks suggest that the iPhone SE 4 might include Face ID for advanced biometric authentication.

Q: What is the Action button on the iPhone SE 4?
The Action button, inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra, could perform customizable tasks, launch apps, and activate features.

Q: Will the iPhone SE 4 have Touch ID?
Leaks indicate a shift from Touch ID to Face ID on the iPhone SE 4 for biometric authentication.

Q: When is the official unveiling of the iPhone SE 4 expected?
While not confirmed, the iPhone SE 4 might be unveiled around the same time as the iPhone 15 series, rumored for September 12.

Q: How does the iPhone SE 4 compare to its predecessors?
The iPhone SE 4 is expected to combine modern features like USB Type-C and Face ID with the familiar SE series essence.