Moto G54 5G Leaked: Official Press Renders, Specifications, Price, and Release Date

Motorola Moto G54 5G

Motorola, renowned for its mid-range smartphone offerings, is gearing up to launch the Moto G54 5G, the successor to the Moto G53, which made its debut in December. While we previously caught a glimpse of the device through some less-than-impressive leaked renders earlier this month, renowned leaker Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, has now revealed official-looking press renders of the upcoming device. In this comprehensive article, we'll delve into the leaked details and specifications of the Moto G54, shedding light on what we can expect from this mid-range smartphone.

Moto G54 5G Specifications:

Category Specifications
Display 6.5-inch FHD+ touchscreen
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
Main Rear Camera 50 MP
Front Camera 16 MP
RAM Up to 8 GB
Storage Up to 256 GB (expandable)
Processor N/A
Battery Capacity 5,000 mAh
Colors Outer Space (dark gray), Coronet Blue (vivid blue), Ambrosia, Ballad Blue
Collaboration Pantone color names inspired by artistic collaboration
Price Rs. 19,999 (Expected Price)

Official Press Renders:

Before we dive into the specifications, let's take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics of the Moto G54. In the official press renders, we get a glimpse of the device in three of the rumored four colorways that are set to launch: Outer Space (a sleek dark gray), Coronet Blue (a vibrant blue), and what is most likely Ambrosia. Additionally, a Ballad Blue version is expected. It's worth noting that these color names are inspired by Pantone, owing to Motorola's ongoing partnership with the renowned color authority.


1. Display: The Moto G54 is expected to feature a 6.5-inch Full HD+ touchscreen with a remarkable 120Hz refresh rate. This improvement promises a smoother and more responsive user experience, particularly when scrolling and gaming.

2. Camera: On the rear, the device is rumored to sport a 50-megapixel primary camera, poised to capture vivid and detailed photographs. For selfie enthusiasts, a 16-megapixel front-facing camera is also expected, ensuring high-quality self-portraits and video calls.

3. Performance: Under the hood, the Moto G54 is likely to be powered by up to 8GB of RAM, allowing for efficient multitasking and app-switching. Additionally, users can expect up to 256GB of expandable storage, a significant upgrade from its predecessor. This generous storage capacity ensures ample space for apps, media, and files.

4. Battery: One of the standout features of the Moto G54 is its robust 5,000mAh battery. This sizable battery promises extended usage without the constant need for recharging, making it an ideal choice for users who are always on the go.

Comparison with its Predecessor:

In comparison to the Moto G53, the G54 boasts some noteworthy improvements. The most significant of these is the doubling of maximum storage capacity, accommodating more apps, games, and multimedia content. Additionally, the device sports a higher-resolution display with a 120Hz refresh rate, providing a more immersive visual experience.

However, beyond these enhancements, it appears that the Moto G54 largely retains the core features of its predecessor. While this might disappoint some who were hoping for groundbreaking innovations, it's important to remember that the Moto G series is known for offering reliable mid-range smartphones at affordable price points. Motorola's focus on providing consistent value to its customers is evident in the G54's specifications.


In conclusion, the Motorola Moto G54 is shaping up to be another solid addition to the company's mid-range smartphone lineup. With a sleek design, a vibrant display, improved storage options, and a robust battery, it aims to cater to the needs of a broad user base. While it may not introduce revolutionary changes, it remains a dependable choice for those seeking a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank.

As we eagerly await the official launch of the Moto G54, Motorola's commitment to delivering quality mid-range devices continues to shine through. Stay tuned for further updates on this promising smartphone, as we anticipate its arrival in the market.


Q: What are the specifications of the Moto G54 smartphone?
The Moto G54 boasts a 6.5-inch FHD+ display with a 120 Hz refresh rate, a 50 MP main rear camera, up to 8 GB of RAM, and a 5,000 mAh battery.

Q: What is the pricing of the Moto G54 5G in India?
The Moto G54 expected starting price is Rs. 19,999.

Q: What color options will be available for the Moto G54?
The Moto G54 will come in four stylish colorways: Outer Space (dark gray), Coronet Blue (vivid blue), Ambrosia, and Ballad Blue.

Q: How does the Moto G54's camera system stand out?
The Moto G54 features a 50 MP main rear camera for improved photo clarity and a 16 MP front camera for high-quality selfies and video calls.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the Moto G54?
The Moto G54 is equipped with a powerful 5,000 mAh battery, ensuring extended usage on a single charge.

Q: Will the Moto G54 support multitasking and efficient performance?
Yes, the Moto G54 comes with up to 8 GB of RAM, allowing for smooth multitasking and efficient app performance.

Q: Is the Moto G54 an upgrade from its predecessor, the G53?
Yes, the Moto G54 offers improvements like a higher-resolution screen, increased storage, and enhanced camera capabilities compared to the G53.

Q: When will the Moto G54 be officially released?
As of now, the official release date for the Moto G54 has not been confirmed. Please stay tuned for updates from Motorola.

Q: Can I expand the storage on the Moto G54?
Yes, the Moto G54 supports expandable storage of up to 256 GB, providing ample space for your apps and media files.

Q: Does the Moto G54 support fast charging?
Specific details about fast charging capabilities have not been confirmed, but Motorola typically includes fast-charging features in its smartphones.

Q: Will the Moto G54 be compatible with 5G networks?
Yes, Motorola Moto G54 support 5G connectivity.