WhatsApp Introduces HD Video Sharing Feature for Android Users: How it Works

Whatsapp Update

WhatsApp, the renowned messaging platform under the Meta umbrella, has recently unveiled its highly anticipated HD video-sharing feature for Android users. This innovative update comes hot on the heels of WhatsApp's introduction of support for high-resolution image sharing. In this article, we will delve into the workings of this feature, explaining how it functions and guiding you through the steps to make the most of it. We'll also address the concerns surrounding increased file sizes and storage implications.

HD Video Sharing:

Until this recent update, WhatsApp employed video compression, which often led to a noticeable loss in video quality. However, with the latest WhatsApp for Android update, users can now opt to share videos in high definition. This means that videos can be enjoyed in 720p resolution, a significant upgrade from the default 480p resolution.

Availability and Platforms:

As of now, this HD video-sharing feature is accessible to Android users who have updated their WhatsApp to the latest version. Gadgets 360 staff members have already reported the feature's presence on their Android devices. Unfortunately, there is no official word on when iOS users can expect to enjoy this feature, as it is still undergoing beta testing.

One important aspect to note is that users must manually toggle the HD option each time they wish to send a video in higher resolution. By default, WhatsApp continues to send videos in standard 480p resolution. This decision appears to be made with consideration for storage constraints on smartphones, given that 480p is now considered relatively low resolution in a world where smartphones commonly feature full-HD and quad-HD displays.

How to send HD videos on WhatsApp:

1. Open a chat on WhatsApp. Tap on the attachment icon, and then select "Gallery."

2. Find the video you want to send and tap on it to preview it.

3. Find the HD icon at the top of your screen, on the left side of the sticker, text, and drawing icons.

4. Tap on the "HD" option. but note that it might make the file size larger. Once you've selected HD quality, tap "Done."

5. After making any changes or edits to the video, simply tap the send button in the bottom right corner.

While the introduction of HD video sharing on WhatsApp is undoubtedly a welcome addition for many users, it is essential to acknowledge the potential impact on device storage. High-definition videos consume more storage space than their lower-resolution counterparts. WhatsApp's default setting of 480p ensures that your device's storage isn't overwhelmed by data.

As we anticipate the rollout of this feature on WhatsApp for iOS, it remains to be seen if there will be any adjustments to how it functions or if additional features will be introduced to mitigate storage concerns.


WhatsApp's introduction of HD video sharing for Android users marks a significant step forward in enhancing the multimedia-sharing experience on this widely-used platform. Users can now enjoy crisper and more detailed videos when desired, all while retaining the option to send videos in the standard resolution to manage storage constraints effectively. As WhatsApp continues to evolve, it is only a matter of time before iOS users can partake in this exciting update as well. Keep an eye out for further developments, and enjoy sharing your memorable moments in stunning high definition.


Q: What is WhatsApp's HD video-sharing feature?
WhatsApp's HD video-sharing feature allows users to send videos in high resolution (720p) instead of the default 480p resolution.

Q: How do I enable HD video sharing on WhatsApp for Android?
To enable HD video sharing, open a chat, select a video, tap the HD icon at the top, and choose "HD quality."

Q: Is the HD video-sharing feature available for WhatsApp on iOS?
Currently, the feature is only available for WhatsApp on Android. iOS availability is yet to be confirmed.

Q: Do I need to enable HD quality every time I send a video?
Yes, you'll need to toggle the HD option for each video you wish to send in higher resolution.

Q: Why does WhatsApp still send videos in 480p by default?
WhatsApp defaults to 480p to prevent videos from consuming excessive storage space on users' smartphones.

Q: Will sharing HD videos impact my device's storage?
Yes, HD videos have larger file sizes, which can take up more storage on your device.

Q: Can I edit HD videos before sending them on WhatsApp?
Yes, you can make edits to your HD videos before hitting the send button.

Q: How do I check my current WhatsApp version and update it?
To check your WhatsApp version and update it, visit your device's app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS), search for WhatsApp, and click "Update" if available.

Q: When can iOS users expect to access the HD video-sharing feature?
There is no official release date for iOS yet; it's still in beta testing.

Q: Will older Android devices support this HD feature?
Whether your Android device supports this feature depends on your device's compatibility with the latest WhatsApp updates. Check for updates in your app store.

Q: Are there any additional features expected with HD video sharing in the future?
WhatsApp continues to evolve, and future updates may bring enhancements or options to manage storage more effectively with HD videos.

Q: How can I send feedback or suggestions to WhatsApp regarding this feature?
You can provide feedback or suggestions within the WhatsApp app by going to Settings > Help > Contact Us.