Mivi Commando Q9 Review: Best Gaming Earbuds Under Rs. 2,000 in India?


Mivi has once again captured the spotlight with the launch of their latest addition to the Commando Series, the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds. Fresh off the heels of the successful release of the DuoPods A250, Mivi brings us a new gaming experience that combines high-quality sound, innovative features, and a touch of style. In this review, we will delve deep into the Mivi Commando Q9, exploring its design, audio capabilities, advanced technologies, and much more. Let's uncover what makes these gaming earbuds stand out in a crowded market.

Mivi Commando Q9 Specifications:

Specifications Features
Driver Size 13mm Drivers
Microphone: Quad Mic AI-ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)
Bluetooth Version: 5.3
Gaming Mode 35ms low latency gaming modes
Lighting Effects: Dual RGB lightings with 7 effects
Total Battery Life: 72 hours (8.5 hours of buds playtime)
Swift Charge Technology: 10-minute charge provides 500 minutes of playtime
Manufacturing: Made in India
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
Price Rs. 1,999
Available on  Amazon 

Design and Build Quality:

The Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds instantly catch your attention with their in-fit style, designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Mivi has paid meticulous attention to detail in crafting these earbuds. They are available in four distinct colors: White, Black, Grey, and Red, allowing you to choose the one that suits your style.


One of the standout features of the Commando Q9 is the incorporation of dual RGB lights on both the earbuds and the charging case. These lights not only add a touch of aesthetics but also serve a functional purpose. Users can switch between 7 unique lighting modes with just a tap, enhancing the overall gaming experience and making these earbuds a fashion statement as well.

Audio Quality:

When it comes to audio performance, the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds do not disappoint. Featuring 13mm electro-dynamic drivers, these earbuds deliver crisp and clear beats, ensuring that every sound detail is captured with precision. The bass response is particularly impressive, providing a solid foundation for an immersive gaming or music experience.

What sets these earbuds apart is the Quad Mic AI-ENC (Artificial Intelligence Environmental Noise Cancellation) chip. This technology effectively eliminates environmental noise during calls, ensuring crystal-clear communication even in noisy surroundings. Whether you're in the midst of an intense gaming session or taking an important business call, the Commando Q9 has got you covered.


Gaming Modes:

For avid gamers, low latency is crucial for a seamless gaming experience. The Mivi Commando Q9 boasts a 35ms low latency gaming mode, allowing you to stay ahead in the game with minimal delay. This feature ensures that audio syncs perfectly with in-game actions, giving you the competitive edge you need to excel in the gaming world.


In the realm of wireless technology, Bluetooth 5.3 is the latest standard, offering improved connectivity and performance. The Commando Q9 comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring stable and efficient pairing with your gaming device. You can bid farewell to audio dropouts and lag, as these earbuds provide a seamless connection for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Battery Life:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Mivi Commando Q9 is its exceptional battery life. Users can enjoy a total of 72 hours of combined playtime, making these earbuds ideal for long gaming sessions, extended travel, or everyday use. Even more impressive is the Swift Charge Technology, which allows for a quick 10-minute charge through the Type C port to deliver a whopping 500 minutes of playtime. This feature ensures that you're never left stranded without your favorite tunes or the ability to engage in gaming action.

Made in India:

As a testament to Mivi's commitment to the "Make in India" initiative, the Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds are proudly manufactured in India. This not only supports local industry but also ensures high-quality standards and timely availability for customers.


To instill confidence in their product, Mivi offers a generous 1-year warranty with the Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds. This warranty period provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected against any unforeseen issues.

Pricing and Availability:

The Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds are competitively priced at Rs. 1,999, making them an attractive option for gamers and audio enthusiasts alike. These earbuds are readily available for purchase on Amazon.in, ensuring easy access for customers across India.
Mivi Commando Q9
on Amazon


The Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds represent a compelling choice for individuals seeking a blend of style, performance, and innovation in their audio devices. With a focus on delivering crystal-clear sound, low latency gaming modes, impressive battery life, and a touch of visual flair with RGB lighting, these earbuds cater to both gamers and music enthusiasts.

Mivi's dedication to manufacturing in India and their commitment to quality assurance through a 1-year warranty demonstrate their confidence in the Commando Q9's capabilities. Priced affordably at Rs. 1,999 and available on Amazon.in, these earbuds offer exceptional value for those looking to elevate their audio experience.

Whether you're immersed in a gaming world or simply enjoying your favorite music, the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds are poised to deliver an immersive and reliable audio experience. With their innovative features and stylish design, they are indeed a commendable addition to Mivi's impressive lineup of audio products. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the world of gaming and music with the Commando Q9 – it's time to upgrade your audio game.


Q: What are the specifications of the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds?
The key features include 13mm drivers, Quad Mic AI-ENC, 35ms low latency gaming mode, Bluetooth 5.3, and more.

Q: How do the Mivi Commando Q9 handle environmental noise during calls?
They use Quad Mic AI-ENC technology to effectively cancel out environmental noise.

Q: Can I customize the RGB lighting on the Mivi Commando Q9?
Yes, you can switch between 7 unique lighting modes with a simple tap.

Q: Can I use the Mivi Commando Q9 for gaming?
Absolutely, the earbuds offer a 35ms low latency gaming mode.

Q: Are the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds made in India?
Yes, these earbuds are proudly manufactured in India, supporting the "Make in India" initiative.

Q: Where can I purchase the Mivi Commando Q9 Gaming Earbuds?
You can easily purchase them on Amazon.in, making them readily accessible to customers across India.

Q: How do the Mivi Commando Q9 earbuds perform in terms of audio quality?
They offer crisp and clear sound with impressive bass, thanks to their 13mm electro-dynamic drivers.

Q: What is Swift Charge Technology in Mivi Commando Q9?
Swift Charge Technology allows you to enjoy 500 minutes of playtime with just a 10-minute charge through the Type C port.

Q: What warranty is provided with the Mivi Commando Q9 earbuds?
Mivi offers a 1-year warranty with the Commando Q9, ensuring peace of mind for customers.