Xiaomi Watch S3 Leaks Reveal Larger OLED Display, 4G Connectivity, and More: Details

Xiaomi Watch S3

Xiaomi's latest smartwatch, the Xiaomi Watch S3, continues to circulate. While Xiaomi has remained tight-lipped about the details, a prominent tipster has leaked some exciting specifications and features. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the potential upgrades, improvements, and innovations that the Xiaomi Watch S3 may bring to the table. From a larger OLED display to 4G connectivity and advanced health monitoring, we will explore all that we know so far about this eagerly awaited successor to the Xiaomi Watch S2.

Xiaomi Watch S2:

Before we dive into the exciting details of the Xiaomi Watch S3, let's take a moment to revisit its predecessor, the Xiaomi Watch S2. Launched last year alongside the Xiaomi 13 series of smartphones, this smartwatch made a significant impact with its impressive array of features.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 boasts a circular dial and is available in two screen sizes - 1.43 inches and 1.32 inches. Its AMOLED display offers a crisp resolution of 466 x 466 pixels, ensuring clear visuals. One of its standout features is its support for over 100 sports modes, catering to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, from walkers to cyclists and hikers.


Health-conscious users will appreciate the built-in heart rate tracker and SpO2 monitor, providing valuable insights into their well-being. Additionally, it offers a menstrual cycle tracker and sleep monitoring, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

Connectivity-wise, the Xiaomi Watch S2 doesn't disappoint with Bluetooth v5.2 support. It also serves as a convenient extension of your smartphone, allowing you to answer and reject phone calls directly from your wrist, thanks to its inbuilt microphone and speaker. With features like alarms, reminders, a stopwatch, and message notifications, it proves to be a versatile companion for everyday life.

Xiaomi Watch S3:

Now, let's shift our focus to the highly anticipated Xiaomi Watch S3 and the tantalizing specifications that have recently surfaced.


1. OLED Display:  The Xiaomi Watch S3 is expected to feature a spacious OLED display. While the exact dimensions have not been confirmed, this upgrade promises more real estate for users to interact with their smartwatch, making for a more immersive and user-friendly experience.

2. Battery Capacity:  Powering a smartwatch effectively is crucial, and the Xiaomi Watch S3 is rumored to come equipped with a robust 520mAh battery. This increase in capacity suggests extended usage time, ensuring that you won't have to worry about constantly recharging your device.

3. Connectivity:  Embracing the future of connectivity, the Xiaomi Watch S3 is set to support 4G connectivity. This advancement opens up possibilities for standalone functionality, enabling users to stay connected even when their smartphone isn't within reach.

4. Sports Modes:  Building on the success of its predecessor, the Xiaomi Watch S3 is expected to offer an extensive selection of sports modes. Whether you're into traditional workouts or more niche activities, this smartwatch is designed to cater to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.

5. Health Monitoring:  Health remains a paramount focus for wearable technology, and the Xiaomi Watch S3 is set to incorporate cutting-edge health monitoring features. Anticipate the inclusion of a blood oxygen sensor and a heart rate monitor, allowing users to track their vital signs with precision.

6. Voice Calling Support:  Another exciting feature on the horizon is voice calling support. With this capability, the Xiaomi Watch S3 could potentially serve as a standalone communication device, offering users the convenience of making and receiving calls directly from their wrist.

Release Speculations:

While the Xiaomi Watch S3's specifications paint a promising picture, the exact release date remains shrouded in mystery. Speculations suggest that it might debut alongside the rumored Xiaomi 14 series later this year. However, as of now, Xiaomi has not officially confirmed any launch plans for its next flagship smartphone series.



The Xiaomi Watch S3 is generating significant excitement within the tech community, and for good reason. With upgrades in display size, battery capacity, connectivity options, sports modes, and health monitoring features, it appears poised to take the world of smartwatches by storm. While we eagerly await its official debut and confirmation of these specifications, one thing is certain: Xiaomi is pushing the boundaries of what a smartwatch can offer.

As we look ahead to the release of the Xiaomi Watch S3, it's essential to keep in mind that these specifications are based on leaks and rumors. Until Xiaomi provides official details, we can only anticipate the potential improvements this smartwatch might bring. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in wearable technology.


Q: What are the specifications of the Xiaomi Watch S3?
The Xiaomi Watch S3 is rumored to feature a larger OLED display, a 520mAh battery, 4G connectivity, and more.

Q: What is the release date for the Xiaomi Watch S3?
While it's speculated to launch alongside the Xiaomi 14 series later this year, Xiaomi has not officially confirmed the release date.

Q: What sports modes will the Xiaomi Watch S3 support?
Xiaomi Watch S3 is expected to offer a wide range of sports modes to cater to various fitness activities.

Q: Will the Xiaomi Watch S3 have health monitoring features?
Yes, the Xiaomi Watch S3 is rumored to include a blood oxygen sensor and a heart rate monitor for comprehensive health tracking.

Q: Can I make voice calls with the Xiaomi Watch S3?
Yes, the Xiaomi Watch S3 is anticipated to support voice calling, potentially allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your smartwatch.

Q: What is the difference between the Xiaomi Watch S3 and the Xiaomi Watch S2?
Xiaomi Watch S3 is expected to offer a larger display, a more substantial battery, 4G connectivity, and more.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Watch S3?
The Xiaomi Watch S3 is said to have a robust 520mAh battery, ensuring extended usage time between charges.

Q: Can I use the Xiaomi Watch S3 without a smartphone?
With 4G connectivity support, the Xiaomi Watch S3 may offer standalone functionality.

Q: Can I customize the Xiaomi Watch S3 sports modes?
Xiaomi's smartwatches typically allow users to customize and select from a variety of sports modes to suit their fitness preferences.

Q: Is there an official announcement from Xiaomi regarding the Xiaomi Watch S3?
Xiaomi has not officially confirmed details about the Xiaomi Watch S3 at this time.