Belkin and Disney Collaborate on Exclusive Anniversary Collection for Indian Consumers

Belkin Disney themed accessories

Belkin, a renowned tech accessories manufacturer, is marking its 40th anniversary with an exciting collaboration with Disney. In celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary, Belkin has introduced a captivating line-up of Disney-themed accessories in India. 

This exclusive collection features beloved characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, and Marvel, encompassing five enchanting themes: Disney100 Prism, Disney100 Music, Lotso from Toy Story, Frozen, and Marvel.

Disney100 Prism Theme - Celebrating 100 Years of Disney Storytelling:

The Disney100 Prism theme is a nod to a century of Disney magic. This collection showcases the iconic silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and other fan-favorite characters across various Belkin accessories. From cables and wall chargers to 5K magnetic battery packs, iPhone cases, and children's headsets, this theme is a visual treat for Disney enthusiasts. The range is designed to evoke nostalgia and celebrate the timeless charm of Disney storytelling.

1. Disney100 Music Theme:

The Disney100 Music theme brings to life the musical magic of Disney with Mickey and Friends. Featuring a children's headset, a 5K magnetic battery pack, and more, this collection is perfect for those who want to incorporate the joy of Disney music into their everyday lives.

Disney100 Music Theme

2. Lotso from Toy Story Theme:

Inspired by Lotso, the strawberry-scented bear from Toy Story, this theme coincides with the Pantone Color of 2023 – Viva Magenta. The collection includes a 5K magnetic battery pack and iPhone cases adorned with strawberry-scented stickers. Designed with the Fashionista in mind, this theme is a heart-tugging addition to the anniversary collection.

Lotso from Toy Story Theme

3. Frozen Theme:

The Frozen theme reflects the enchanting world of Arendelle, bringing characters from the beloved Frozen and Frozen 2 series to life. The Belkin 5K magnetic battery pack for iPhones and the SoundForm children's headset are designed to capture the hearts of Frozen fans, embodying the joy and magic of the Arendelle kingdom.

Frozen Theme

4. Marvel Theme:

The Marvel theme transports users into the dynamic world of superheroes, featuring designs inspired by Iron Man and Spider-Man. The collection includes a fashionably designed Belkin 5K magnetic battery pack, car charger, wall charger, multiport hub adapter, and cables – all designed to appeal to fans of the Marvel universe.

Marvel Theme

Pricing and Availability in India:

These themed accessories are set to be available in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, spanning from Greater China and Korea to Japan and across to ASEAN, with a special focus on India. In India, the maximum retail prices (MRP) for these offerings range from Rs. 2999 to Rs. 8999. 

Starting from January 2024, these exclusive accessories will be accessible through popular online platforms such as, Shop Disney, and Shop Marvel sites. Additionally, consumers can find them at leading retail outlets including Croma, Reliance, Aptronix, Unicorn, and others.


Belkin's collaboration with Disney for its 40th anniversary delivers a collection that seamlessly blends nostalgia, style, and innovation. 

The Disney-themed accessories cater to a diverse audience, from Disney aficionados to tech enthusiasts. With themes ranging from classic Disney characters to the latest Marvel superheroes, the collection is a testament to the enduring appeal of storytelling and creativity.

As consumers eagerly anticipate the release of these exclusive accessories, Belkin and Disney's partnership promises to bring joy and excitement to tech users in India. 

The carefully curated themes, combined with the high-quality craftsmanship that Belkin is known for, make this anniversary collection a must-have for those looking to add a touch of magic to their everyday tech accessories.

In conclusion, Belkin's collaboration with Disney is not just a celebration of milestones but a harmonious blend of two iconic brands, offering consumers a chance to express their love for storytelling, music, and beloved characters through their tech accessories. 

As the collection hits the shelves in January 2024, it is poised to create a buzz among consumers who seek a perfect fusion of functionality and fantasy in their everyday gadgets.