iOS 17.3 Beta Unveils Stolen Device Protection for Enhanced iPhone Security

Enhancing iPhone Security: iOS 17.3 Beta Introduces Stolen Device Protection
Apple has recently unveiled the beta version of iOS 17.3, introducing a range of new features and improvements for iPhones. Among the notable enhancements is the Stolen Device Protection feature, designed to fortify the security of iPhones in case of theft. This comes on the heels of the iOS 17.2 release, demonstrating Apple's commitment to continually refining the user experience and bolstering device security.

Stolen Device Protection for iPhones:

A groundbreaking addition to the iOS 17.3 beta is the Stolen Device Protection feature, addressing the potential vulnerability of iPhones when stolen and the thief gains access to the device's passcode. This feature is set to revolutionize iPhone security, offering a multifaceted approach to safeguarding sensitive information.

Enhanced Authentication Measures:

When activated, the Stolen Device Protection feature mandates Face ID or Touch ID authentication for various critical actions. These actions include viewing stored passwords, applying for an Apple Card, turning off Lost Mode, erasing content, using Safari-saved payment methods, and more.

This ensures that even if a thief gains access to the device, they would still need biometric authentication to perform sensitive operations.

For heightened security actions, a delay is imposed, requiring the user to authenticate twice with Face ID or Touch ID after waiting for one hour. This additional layer of protection prevents unauthorized access to critical functions, offering users peace of mind even if their device falls into the wrong hands.

Actions Requiring Authentication:

The Stolen Device Protection feature covers a wide array of actions that now necessitate authentication:
  • Viewing or using passwords and passkeys.
  • Applying for a new Apple Card.
  • Turning off Lost Mode.
  • Erasing all content and settings.
  • Apple Cash and Savings actions in Wallet.
  • Using payment methods in Safari.
  • Setting up a new device.

One-Hour Security Delay:

Certain actions with heightened security implications come with a one-hour delay between authentication attempts. Users must authenticate twice with Face ID or Touch ID after waiting for this period. Actions subject to the one-hour security delay include:
  • Changing Apple ID password.
  • Updating Apple ID security settings.
  • Changing iPhone passcode.
  • Adding or removing Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Turning off Find My.
  • Turning off Stolen Device Protection.

Enabling Stolen Device Protection:

Enabling the Stolen Device Protection feature is a straightforward process for users. Navigate to the Settings app, then proceed to Face ID & Passcode, and finally, locate the Stolen Device Protection option. 

After updating to iOS 17.3 beta, users will receive a prompt to test the feature, offering an opportunity to experience the enhanced security measures firsthand. It's crucial to note that this prompt will not appear in the public version of iOS 17.3.


Stolen Device Protection is set to be available on all iPhone models compatible with iOS 17, including iPhone XS and newer models. 

Apple has plans to release comprehensive documentation about the feature over time, ensuring users have access to detailed information on how to maximize the benefits of this innovative security measure.

Public Release and Availability:

The public release of iOS 17.3 is expected to take place in January or February of the upcoming year. This timeline indicates that iPhone users can look forward to experiencing the enhanced security features, including Stolen Device Protection, in the near future.


As Apple continues to prioritize user security, the introduction of Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3 beta marks a significant step forward. This feature not only strengthens the existing security measures but also introduces innovative authentication processes to mitigate the risks associated with stolen devices. 

iPhone users can anticipate a more secure digital experience with the upcoming public release of iOS 17.3, reinforcing Apple's commitment to providing a secure and reliable ecosystem for its users. 

Stay tuned for further updates and documentation from Apple as they continue to refine and enhance the Stolen Device Protection feature.