Noise Voyage: 4G Smartwatch with e-SIM, GPS, and Exclusive Launch Offers at Rs. 9999

Noise Voyage Review

Noise has recently introduced the Noise Voyage, an impressive 4G calling smartwatch that comes equipped with 4G e-SIM capabilities. 

Following the success of the NoiseFit Endeavour smartwatch, the company has collaborated with leading service providers Jio and Airtel to bring e-SIM functionality to users. 

As an enticing offer, Noise is providing an exclusive three-month free calling plan through these partnered service providers.

However, it's worth noting that the Noise Voyage does not support SIM sharing, necessitating the purchase of a dedicated e-SIM for optimal utilization of the 4G calling feature.

Noise Voyage Specifications, Features:

Feature Noise Voyage
Display 1.4" AMOLED screen with stainless steel bezel
Connectivity Bluetooth; TWS connection available
e-SIM 4G calling support; no SIM sharing
Compatibility Android and iOS
Health Monitoring 24x7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2, sleep tracking, stress management
GPS GPS, GLONASS for position tracking
Sports Modes 100+ sports modes; Automatic workout detection
Other Features Notification display, weather updates, etc.
Battery Life Up to 7 days without calling
Price Rs. 9,999

e-SIM Functionality:

One of the standout features of the Noise Voyage is its 4G e-SIM capabilities. In collaboration with telecom giants Jio and Airtel, Noise has enabled e-SIM functionalities, opening up a world of seamless connectivity for users.

e-SIM Functionality

As an exclusive offer, the company is providing a generous 3-month free calling period through these service providers. However, it's important to note that the smartwatch does not support SIM sharing, necessitating the purchase of a separate e-SIM for utilizing the 4G calling feature.

Display and Design:

The Noise Voyage boasts a vibrant 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, encased in a sleek stainless steel bezel. 

The display offers a plethora of customizable watch faces, allowing users to personalize their device to suit their style and preferences.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

For the health-conscious consumer, the Noise Voyage doesn't disappoint. The smartwatch provides comprehensive health monitoring support, including 24x7 heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, sleep analysis, and stress management.

Health and Fitness Tracking

With over 100 sports modes and automatic workout detection, fitness enthusiasts can tailor their experience to match their specific activities.

Navigation and Connectivity:

Equipped with built-in GPS and GLONASS, the Noise Voyage ensures accurate position tracking, catering to users who rely on location-based services. 

The device also features Bluetooth connectivity, with TWS (True Wireless Stereo) connection capabilities.

Battery Life:

A notable feature of the Noise Voyage is its impressive battery life, offering up to 7 days of usage without calls and up to 2 days with calling.

Battery Life

This longevity ensures that users can enjoy the full range of features without constantly worrying about recharging their device.

Compatibility and User Interface:

The Noise Voyage is designed to be user-friendly, compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The smartwatch provides a seamless experience with a user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Noise Voyage Pros and Cons:

Vibrant 1.4" AMOLED screen
4G calling support
Compatible with Android and iOS
Built-in GPS and GLONASS
Up to 7 days without calling
Does not support SIM sharing
Higher launch price

Availability and Pricing:

Pre-bookings for the Noise Voyage are open on the official website, with the smartwatch set to go on sale from December 23, 2023, on Flipkart and As a special launch offer, the Noise Voyage is available at an attractive price of Rs. 9999.

Launch Offers:

To make the deal even more enticing, Noise is offering several launch offers for early adopters:

1. No-cost EMI: Users can opt for a no-cost EMI option for up to 9 months, making the device accessible at an affordable Rs. 1111 per month.

2. Special Discounts: The first 100 customers stand to benefit from an effective price of Rs. 5701. Additionally, NCEMI buyers can enjoy a Rs. 500 discount using 50 SuperCoins on Flipkart.

3. Card Discounts: Users making a purchase with Federal and IDFC cards can avail a Rs. 1000 discount, further enhancing the affordability of the Noise Voyage.

4. Bundled Offer: As an added incentive, the first 100 customers will receive the Noise Buds VS102 Pro ANC headset, priced at Rs. 1999, at a nominal cost of Re. 1.

5. Free Calling: Perhaps the cherry on top, the first buyers will enjoy 3 months of free calling with Airtel and Jio eSIM, a service valued at Rs. 799.


The Noise Voyage stands out as a feature-rich and competitively priced smartwatch, catering to the diverse needs of modern consumers. 

With its emphasis on connectivity, health tracking, and user-friendly design, it promises to be a valuable companion in our tech-savvy lives. 

As the market evolves, the Noise Voyage sets a standard for accessible yet advanced smartwatches, providing users with a holistic and enjoyable experience.


Q: What are the key features of the Noise Voyage smartwatch?
The Noise Voyage boasts a 1.4-inch AMOLED display, 4G e-SIM support, health monitoring, GPS, and a variety of connectivity options.

Q: Can I share my existing SIM with the Noise Voyage for 4G calling?
No, the Noise Voyage does not support SIM sharing; you'll need a separate e-SIM to utilize the 4G calling feature.

Q: How long does the battery of the Noise Voyage last?
The smartwatch offers up to 7 days of battery life without calling and up to 2 days with calling.

Q: Which service providers support the e-SIM functionality of the Noise Voyage?
The Noise Voyage collaborates with Jio and Airtel for e-SIM capabilities, providing users with a complimentary 3-month free calling plan.

Q: Is the Noise Voyage compatible with both Android and iOS devices?
Yes, the smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring versatility for users.

Q: Can I customize the watch face on the Noise Voyage?
Absolutely, the Noise Voyage features a 1.4-inch AMOLED screen with customizable watch faces to suit your style.

Q: Does the Noise Voyage come with any launch offers or discounts?
Yes, early buyers enjoy a special launch price of Rs. 9999, along with enticing offers like no-cost EMI, discounts on credit cards, and a complimentary Noise buds VS102 Pro ANC headset.

Q: Where can I pre-book the Noise Voyage, and when does it go on sale?
Pre-booking is available on the official website, and sales commence on December 23, 2023, on Flipkart and

Q: How do I avail the 3 months of free calling with Airtel and Jio eSIM on the Noise Voyage?
The first 100 customers can enjoy this exclusive offer, and users opting for Airtel and Jio eSIM services will automatically receive 3 months of free calling worth Rs. 799.

Q: Does the Noise Voyage support automatic workout detection?
Yes, the smartwatch comes equipped with automatic workout detection, making it convenient for users to track their fitness activities effortlessly.

Q: How does the e-SIM functionality work on the Noise Voyage?
The Noise Voyage utilizes e-SIM technology for 4G calling, partnering with Jio and Airtel for seamless connectivity without physical SIM cards.

Q: What health metrics can the Noise Voyage monitor?
The smartwatch tracks heart rate, SpO2 levels, stress, and sleep patterns, and offers over 100 sports modes for a comprehensive health monitoring experience.

Q: What connectivity options does the Noise Voyage support?
The Noise Voyage features Bluetooth connectivity, TWS connection, and built-in GPS, ensuring seamless integration and accurate position tracking.