Apple iPhone 16 Pro: Leaked Build and Camera Details – What to Expect

iPhone 16 Pro

  • iPhone 16 Pro has better zoom and improved photo quality with a special lens.
  • Glass and plastic mix for a sleek look on the back panel, like Huawei phones.
  • A dedicated button for photos; The iPhone 16 Pro focuses on making photography easier.

As the anticipation for the next-generation iPhones builds, recent leaks have shed light on the specifications of the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro series. According to a report from notable tipster Digital Chat Station on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, key details about the build and camera features of the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max have been disclosed.

Build Details:

Build Details
According to Digital Chat Station, the iPhone 16 Pro models will boast a 1/1.14-inch main camera, along with a periscope telephoto lens. This indicates a potential enhancement in zoom capabilities compared to previous models, and improved light intake for the primary sensor.

Notably, the rear panel of the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to feature a glass panel constructed using a G+P solution. This innovative technique involves melding glass and plastic, a design choice reminiscent of Huawei's upcoming smartphones.

Design Changes:

Recent renders of the iPhone 16 Pro series have unveiled a dedicated Capture button, suggesting a renewed focus on photography. Additionally, both models are rumored to feature a smaller Dynamic Island on the front, upgraded cameras, and slightly taller displays.

What to Expect:

The combination of a periscope telephoto lens and the main camera's specifications hints at significant improvements in photography capabilities. The G+P solution for the rear panel not only enhances aesthetics but also indicates a commitment to innovative design in line with industry trends.


As we eagerly await the official release, these leaked details offer a glimpse into the exciting features that the iPhone 16 Pro series might bring to the table. Stay tuned for further updates as more information becomes available.

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