Google Teases Minty Fresh Colorway for Pixel 8 Pro in New Year Drop

Google Pixel 8 series
In a recent announcement on their official Twitter account, Google has teased a new Minty Fresh colorway for the Pixel 8 Pro, set to be revealed on January 25, 2024. The company shared a binary sequence hinting at a "Fresh year, fresh drop," leading users to a teaser video on the Google Store featuring the phrase "itsaliving" in Mint Green.

Accompanying the color reveal, Google is hosting a mural painting event in downtown NYC on the same day, with artist @itsaliving. The specific Pixel 8 model receiving the Minty Fresh color remains a secret until the unveiling next week.


Pixel 8 Series Overview:

The Pixel 8 series, introduced in October 2023, comprises two smartphones, with a third model (Pixel 8a) expected later in 2024. The Pro variant features a 6.7-inch LTPO OLED display, Google Tensor G3 chip, 12GB RAM, and 128GB storage. 

Its camera setup includes a 50MP primary rear camera, 48MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 48MP telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom. The device is equipped with a 5050mAh battery supporting 30W fast charging, alongside security features like an in-display fingerprint scanner and face unlock.
Pixel 8 Series Overview
On the other hand, the standard Pixel 8 boasts a 6.2-inch OLED display, 8GB RAM, and options for 128GB or 256GB storage. 
The camera configuration comprises a 50MP primary rear camera and a 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens. With a 4575mAh battery and similar security features to its Pro counterpart, both models are IP68 dust and water-resistant, available in various color options.

What to Expect from the Minty Fresh Addition:

The Minty Fresh color option adds a vibrant and refreshing choice to the existing color palette of the Pixel 8 series. The teaser video on the Google Store gives users a sneak peek at the "itsaliving" phrase in Mint Green, suggesting an aesthetically pleasing addition for users looking to make a statement with their device.

Stay tuned for the official reveal on January 25, 2024, to discover which Pixel 8 model will sport the Minty Fresh colorway. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or seeking a reliable smartphone with advanced features, the Pixel 8 series continues to offer a diverse range of options to suit your preferences.

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphone technology, Google's Pixel 8 series remains at the forefront, promising innovative features and a stylish variety of color choices.