Infinix Introduces E-Color Shift, AirCharge, and Extreme-Temp Battery Tech at CES 2024

Infinix E-colour shift technology
In a major breakthrough at CES 2024, Infinix has introduced its cutting-edge E-Color Shift technology, poised to revolutionize the smartphone industry. This innovative technology, featuring E Ink Prism 3, allows smartphone panels to change and maintain vibrant colours without consuming battery power. In addition to E-Color Shift, Infinix showcased AirCharge and the Extreme-Temp Battery, two concept devices set to redefine the mobile experience.

Infinix E-Color Shift Technology:

Infinix's E-Color Shift technology utilizes E Ink Prism 3, introducing a novel way for users to customize their smartphones without affecting battery life. The technology relies on microstructures with color particles carrying positive and negative charges. By applying different voltages, the electric field within these microstructures changes, prompting the color particles to move and display the desired colors. This groundbreaking approach allows the phone's shell to change 'skins' without consuming power, providing users with a unique and power-efficient customization option.

Infinix AirCharge:

AirCharge, another highlight from Infinix, employs multi-coil magnetic resonance and adaptive algorithms for wireless charging up to 20cm away and at 60-degree angles. With safety ensured through frequencies below 6.78MHz and a power delivery of 7.5W, AirCharge transcends traditional charging methods. This technology offers the convenience of charging devices under desks during activities like gaming or watching videos, providing users with a seamless and flexible charging experience.

Infinix AirCharge

Infinix Extreme-Temp Battery:

Addressing the issue of mobile phone battery failure during extreme cold, Infinix, in collaboration with top tech suppliers, introduces the Extreme-Temp Battery. This battery incorporates biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology in its electrodes, operating seamlessly even in temperatures as low as -40°C.

Infinix Extreme-Temp Battery

The Extreme-Temp Battery ensures dependable performance and endurance in chilly environments, boasting a charging capability ranging from -40°C to 60°C. This breakthrough addresses the common problem of lithium-ion freezing in standard batteries, promising enhanced reliability for users in diverse climates.


Infinix's showcase at CES 2024 unveils not just one but three groundbreaking technologies set to redefine the smartphone landscape. The E-Color Shift technology provides users with a power-efficient way to customize their smartphones, while AirCharge introduces a flexible and convenient wireless charging experience. The Extreme-Temp Battery addresses the challenges of extreme cold, ensuring reliable performance in harsh climates.

As Infinix continues to push the boundaries of innovation, these technologies showcase a commitment to enhancing user experience and overcoming common challenges in the mobile industry. Keep an eye out for these advancements, as they have the potential to shape the future of smartphones.