Samsung Pass Expands Payment Options for Galaxy Users in India with RuPay Credit Cards

Samsung Wallet UPI RuPay Credit Card India
Samsung Pass, the mobile wallet app for Galaxy smartphones in India, has broadened its payment capabilities with a recent update. This expansion allows users with Samsung Pass to make UPI transactions using their RuPay credit cards, providing a new avenue for seamless and secure payments.

Understanding the Update:

Previously, Samsung Pass facilitated UPI payments solely through bank accounts and specific debit cards. However, the recent update includes RuPay credit cards in the list of supported payment methods. This enhancement aims to offer users the convenience of contactless transactions and the potential benefits associated with RuPay credit cards, such as rewards points and purchase protection.

How it Works:

Linking RuPay credit cards within Samsung Pass is a straightforward process, completed through the Samsung Wallet UPI. This update significantly expands the range of payment options for Galaxy smartphone users, bringing added flexibility to their digital transactions.

What is UPI?:

For those unfamiliar with UPI, it stands for Unified Payments Interface—a popular Indian payment system enabling instant inter-bank transfers through virtual payment addresses. Similar to ATM withdrawals, UPI transactions are secured by a personal identification number (PIN), ensuring a secure payment experience.

What is UPI?

Versatility of Samsung Pass:

Beyond its role in facilitating payments, Samsung Pass serves as a versatile digital wallet. Users can store various documents, including driver’s licenses, loyalty cards, membership cards, boarding passes, and even movie tickets. This multifunctional aspect enhances the overall user experience, making Samsung Pass a comprehensive digital tool.

Limitations and Inclusions:

It's crucial to note that, as of now, the new feature is exclusive to RuPay credit cardholders. While UPI payments through linked bank accounts are available for Mastercard and VISA credit cardholders, the direct use of UPI with these cards within Samsung Pass is currently limited.

In Summary:

Samsung Pass has expanded its mobile payment options in India by integrating RuPay credit cards into the UPI platform. This update caters specifically to Galaxy smartphone users with RuPay credit cards, offering them an additional and convenient method for contactless payments. As Samsung continues to refine its mobile wallet app, it remains to be seen if similar features will be extended to Mastercard and VISA credit cardholders in the future.


This advancement aligns with Samsung's commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly digital experience for its customers. The integration of RuPay credit cards into Samsung Pass's UPI platform marks a positive step forward in enhancing the versatility and functionality of the mobile wallet app. As technology evolves, such updates contribute to the ever-improving landscape of digital payment solutions, ensuring users have access to a diverse range of secure and convenient options.