Sony Teases Float Run Earbuds Launch in India: Athlete-Focused Wireless Audio

Sony, the renowned Japanese tech giant, is gearing up for the launch of its latest innovation in India – the Sony Float Run truly wireless earbuds. The anticipation has been fueled by a recently released teaser video, strongly suggesting that the upcoming hearables could indeed be the highly acclaimed Sony Float Run, specifically designed for athletes. Here's an in-depth look at what we know so far.

Sony Float Run India Launch Teased:

In a recent tweet, Sony shared a tantalizing video trailer, hinting at the imminent release of new earbuds. Although the teaser didn't explicitly mention the Float Run, the design showcased in the video aligns seamlessly with the distinctive features of the Float Run.

Sony Float Run India Launch Teased
Originally unveiled by the brand in January 2023, it seems that the Indian launch is set to happen approximately a year after its initial global announcement. Tags accompanying the tweet, such as "Move Without Limits," resonate with the sporty nature of these earbuds, emphasizing their key selling point.

Float Run Design:

The Sony Float Run stands out with its unique design, featuring earbuds that rest outside the ear canal. The secure placement is ensured by an ear hook and a flexible band, providing athletes with a comfortable and secure fit during exercise. However, it's important to note that this design choice comes at the expense of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Float Run Design

Audio Features:

Under the hood, the Float Run houses large 16mm audio drivers, promising a natural and expansive sound experience. Weighing a mere 33 grams, these earbuds are crafted to minimize pressure during workout sessions. Noteworthy features include IPX4 water resistance, SBC/AAC audio codecs, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a commendable 10-hour battery life, and a USB Type-C port for charging. When initially launched, the Float Run carried a price tag of $129.99 (approximately Rs. 10,828), suggesting a similar pricing strategy for the Indian market.

Amazon Availability:

Adding to the excitement, the Float Run earbuds have been spotted on the Amazon India website, strongly indicating that they will be available for purchase on This provides potential buyers with a convenient and reliable platform to acquire Sony's latest innovation.


As Sony prepares to introduce the Float Run to the Indian market, the earbuds' distinctive design tailored for athletes and the promise of superior audio quality create anticipation among tech enthusiasts. With the added convenience of availability on Amazon India, the Float Run is poised to make a significant impact on the Indian truly wireless earbuds scene. Stay tuned for updates as Sony unveils the Float Run, enabling users to experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance during their active pursuits.