Vivo V2343 Smartphone Appears on Geekbench with Octa-Core Processor

Vivo V2343
Vivo continues its streak of new releases with the upcoming launch of the V2343 smartphone. Recently spotted on Geekbench, this device promises exciting features and performance upgrades. Let's delve into what we've discovered about this latest addition to the Vivo lineup.

Vivo V2343 Geekbench Reveals:

The Geekbench listing sheds light on key specifications of the Vivo V2343. Powered by an octa-core processor clocked at 1.96GHz, coupled with 8GB of RAM, the device is poised to deliver smooth multitasking capabilities. Impressively, it runs on Android 14, ensuring access to the latest OS features and enhancements.

Vivo V2343 Geekbench Reveals

Performance Insights:

Scoring 3164 points in the single-core test and 7005 points in the multi-core test, the V2343 demonstrates commendable performance potential. While Geekbench scores offer insights, real-world performance may vary. Nonetheless, these scores hint at a device capable of handling various tasks with ease.

Awaiting Official Announcement:

Despite the unveiling of key specifications, details such as the official name remain undisclosed. Vivo is anticipated to reveal more about the V2343 in the coming weeks or months. Until then, enthusiasts can only speculate about the device's full capabilities and features.

Vivo's Recent Releases:

In addition to the V2343, Vivo has been busy introducing a range of smartphones in different markets. From budget-friendly 5G options like the Y100 5G and Y28 5G to mid-range offerings like the G2 5G, Vivo caters to diverse consumer needs. The S18 series and X100 series further expand Vivo's presence in the premium smartphone segment.


With the Geekbench listing offering a glimpse into its capabilities, the Vivo V2343 emerges as an intriguing addition to the smartphone market. As anticipation builds for its official launch, Vivo enthusiasts eagerly await more details about this promising device. Stay tuned for updates as Vivo continues to innovate and expand its product portfolio.

In summary, the Vivo V2343 smartphone, with its octa-core processor, generous RAM, and Android 14, holds promise for seamless performance. As the tech world awaits its official unveiling, Vivo's commitment to offering diverse smartphone options remains evident.