WhatsApp Beta Testing Polls Feature in Channels on Android


  • WhatsApp is trying out a new feature where users can ask questions in group chats.
  • Voters remain anonymous, and the poll icon is green for easy identification.
  • A recent update also fixed a bug for Android users, restoring display functionality.

WhatsApp is expanding its feature set with the introduction of polls in Channels for Android users. The recent beta update, version, has brought this functionality to some testers, allowing them to create polls within Channels, similar to the existing features in individual and group chats.

Creating Polls in Channels:

With the latest update, users can access the new "polls" option through the paperclip icon in Channel chats. This feature enables users to create questions with up to 12 options, enhancing the interaction within Channels. The polls icon is distinct, displaying in green instead of the usual yellow, while maintaining the core functionality of anonymous votes. Even the creator of the poll won't have access to individual responses.

Creating Polls in Channels

Rollout and Availability:

While not all beta testers may have immediate access to this feature, its presence hints at a potential wider rollout in the near future. Android beta program participants should keep an eye out for the green polls icon if they wish to utilize this feature in their Channels.

As of now, there is no specific timeline for the feature's availability to all users. Given its early stage, further testing and improvements are expected in upcoming beta versions. While the prospect of using polls in Channels is exciting, users may have to wait a bit before it becomes universally accessible.

Bug Fix for Android Users:

In a separate beta update (version, WhatsApp addresses a recent bug fix for Android users. A previous update unintentionally disrupted the display of Status update thumbnails next to contact names. The new update rectifies this issue, restoring the familiar convenience for users.

WhatsApp's Ongoing Developments in 2024:

These recent updates come on the heels of beta testing for advanced text formatting and themes on Android. WhatsApp seems to be engaged in a flurry of activity at the beginning of 2024, focusing on enhancing user engagement and anticipation for future updates.

As the messaging app continues to introduce new features and improvements, users can expect a more enriched experience while staying connected with their contacts through WhatsApp Channels.