Apple iPhone 17 and 17 Plus Might Finally Get Smooth 120Hz LTPO OLED Displays: Report

Apple's iPhone Pro models have boasted smooth 120Hz displays for a while now, but this feature has been absent from the standard iPhone models. However, a new report suggests that Apple might finally bring this technology to the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus.

Upgrading to 120Hz LTPO Displays:

iPhone 17 and 17 Plus
According to a report by The Elec, the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus are expected to come equipped with LTPO OLED panels that can refresh at up to 120Hz. This is a significant upgrade from the 60Hz refresh rate of previous non-Pro iPhones, offering a smoother and more responsive experience, especially when scrolling or gaming.

What is LTPO?

The "LTPO" in the display panel name stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide. This technology allows the display to dynamically adjust its refresh rate based on the content being displayed. For instance, when displaying static images, the refresh rate can drop to as low as 1Hz, significantly reducing battery consumption. This feature is what enables the "always-on display" functionality, which continuously shows essential information like time and notifications on the screen without draining much battery.

Always-On Display for Non-Pro iPhones:

The adoption of LTPO displays in the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus could also pave the way for the introduction of always-on displays on these models. This feature is already available on some Android smartphones and allows users to see important information at a glance without having to wake their phone entirely.

Dependence on BOE and Potential Timeline:

However, the implementation of these features hinges on Apple's approval of display panels from BOE, a Chinese manufacturer that also supplies LTPO panels to Huawei. The report suggests that BOE submitted display samples to Apple last year, but they are unlikely to be ready for the iPhone 16 series due to time constraints. Therefore, the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus seem like more realistic targets for the debut of LTPO displays and always-on functionality.

Overall, this report suggests that Apple might be planning to equip the iPhone 17 and 17 Plus with significant display upgrades, offering smoother visuals, potentially longer battery life, and the convenience of an always-on display.