Google Pixel 8a Battery Capacity Leaked via UL Demko Certification

Google continues to make waves with its Pixel lineup. Among the array of upcoming releases, the Pixel 8a stands out as a promising addition, especially with its recently revealed battery capacity via UL Demko Certification. Let's delve into the details of this leak and what it means for the eagerly awaited Pixel 8a.
Pixel 8a

Alleged Pixel 8a Battery Capacity Revealed:

The reputable source MySmartPrice has uncovered intriguing information through the UL Demko Certification. The certification discloses that the upcoming Pixel device, likely the Pixel 8a, bears the model number GH2MB.
Alleged Pixel 8a Battery Capacity Revealed

Impressive Battery Upgrade:

One of the most notable revelations from the certification is the battery capacity of the alleged Pixel 8a. It's reported to sport a robust 4,942mAh rated battery. Notably, this is a significant leap from its predecessor, the Pixel 7a (review), which housed a 4,385mAh battery. Interestingly, although listed as 4,942mAh, Google might market it as a rounded-up 5,000mAh, a common industry practice.

Speculation and Comparison:

Given the substantial increase in battery capacity, speculation arises regarding the identity of the device spotted on the UL Demko Certification. While it's highly likely to be the Pixel 8a, there are murmurs suggesting it could potentially be the Pixel 9 Pro or even the Pixel Fold 2. Traditionally, Google reserves the larger 5,000mAh unit for its flagship models like the Pixel 8 Pro, adding fuel to the speculation.

Expected Specifications of Google Pixel 8a:

While the battery capacity steals the spotlight, other expected specifications of the Pixel 8a add to the anticipation surrounding its release:
  • Display: A 6.1-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a punch-hole cutout promises immersive viewing experiences.
  • Processor: Powered by Google's Tensor G3 chipset, the Pixel 8a is anticipated to deliver smooth performance and efficiency.
  • Camera: Sporting a dual-camera setup on the rear, the Pixel 8a aims to capture stunning images and videos.
  • Other Features: The inclusion of 27W fast charging ensures that users can quickly replenish their device's battery when needed.
  • Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 152.1 x 72.6 x 8.9mm, the Pixel 8a strikes a balance between sleek design and comfortable usability.

Final Thoughts:

As the leaks and rumors continue to surface, the Pixel 8a shapes up to be an exciting addition to Google's smartphone lineup. With an impressive battery upgrade and anticipated specifications, it promises to offer users a compelling mid-range option. While further details remain under wraps, the leaked information undoubtedly stirs up anticipation and excitement among smartphone enthusiasts awaiting the Pixel 8a's official unveiling. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date draws nearer.

In conclusion, the leaked UL Demko Certification sheds light on the Pixel 8a's battery capacity, sparking speculation and anticipation for Google's upcoming mid-range device.